Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ten Things to Smile About

It is always so fun to go back and see what all made me smile over the past month.  It's also astounding how fast the second half of the year has gone by.  I liked the slower pace of the first half.  I digress.

What made me smile....

1.  I got a much needed haircut!

2.  Went to the beach again, and got tackled by a six foot plus wave.  It made me smile because mostly all it did was go right over me and right on past me.

3.  My neighbors are such busy bodies that when there is odd happenings around here we make it a show.  My mom had sinus surgery(nothing to smile about) but when I brought her to my house with her sad little nose sling and I shook my finger at her vigorously it sure made us smile and laugh too.

4.  The first day of school was bittersweet for me.  I really am surprised at how much they have grown. Mostly Emily.
5.  Being retweeted by Micky Dolenz himself.  It hasn't happened again.  But you just never know!!

6.  Going to Indio with my bestie, Emmy and her family.  It's becoming a tradition of sorts!!

7.  I have come up with some acronyms that I can use in front my kids and not worry about them repeated.  Because I don't want them getting into trouble.  "DAB"  a dumb annoying .....well you get it.  And "AW" an attention whore.  Am I bad?  Perhaps.  Bad enough for Hadees.?  The jury is still out on that one.

8.  Chocolate shakes.  Yes I admit it. They do in fact make me happy

9.  Ryan singing, "I'm Sexy & and  I know it" in front of the mirror.

10.   School shopping with Ryan was quite the experience!

What made you smile this month??