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Smiling in October

What made me smile LAST month?  Can you believe October is already over???  Well it is, but it's not to late to link up with my bestie, Emmy!

This guy turned 8...he's funny, bright, and makes me smile.
2.  I bought a laser pointer for the cats...okay it was for me.  It's worlds of entertainment for me! hahaha. 3.  Seeing Kristin in her play...she was in Night of Living's always fun.  
Her death scene...
4.  Homework.  Yes, homework.  Homework made me smile because I used this guy...
5.  Remember that shutdown the government had?  It made us all very cranky.  We rely heavily on Rich's Veteran benefits and his school money.  It came through.  That was a happy relief.
6.   I lost a couple of pounds...hopefully I will lose some more! 7.   My hairdresser is awesome.  She is inappropriate to say the least, and I love her for it.  She is far from politically correct and doesn't care what anything thinks of what she says.  I love it.   8.  Sometimes whe…