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Throwing People Under the Bus

Raised to believe you would one day be a King, and then to be told you were adopted!  Oh and get this, you don't get to be King.  (You little snot!)  Your brother is better.  Geez, even fictional families are messed up!

If you have no idea who I was just talking about, it's all good...I am merely demonstrating a a point.  Look at The Little Mermaid.  Girl wants to marry a guy and the only reason she knows his name is because she heard someone say it.  Props to King Triton for telling her NO!  What was she thinking!?  I mean it all works out in the end.

Look at Harry Potter...that kid is an orphan in the most deplorable of family situations.  His Aunt and Uncle should be throat punched.  He has more family in his friends than anywhere else.

What's my point?  So glad you asked.  Although, you might not be.  I am more and more becoming disenchanted with my family.  The one I grew up with.  The one I am raising, well I have some kinks to work out.  The one I grew up with, I …