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And That's The Truth...Pbbbbbttt

Do you know who "Edith Ann" is?  It's okay if you don't.  I won't hate you too much.  She is a character once played and created by Lily Tomlin.  A little girl.  She was on the show Laugh-In.  What?  Oh for heaven-sakes!  Go look it up on You Tube!   I will wait.

I just thought it was a funny way to lead into this week's confessions with Mamarazzi!  

I  confess...
I have been play acting like a car mechanic.  I pop the hood of my car and stare at the engine.  I know where the coolant lives.  I know where the fuses hang out.  They have a nice place actually.  My hands even get dirty.  It makes me feel all bad!  Too bad that's all I can do.  I wish I could do more.  I can wash my hands.  Wouldn't it be cool to do it yourself???  
I confess...
Little middle is turning into a teenager complete with eye rolling.  One of us is going down.  A new reality show on MTV.  Teenage Smackdown!  Oh wait, that's Jerry Springer.  Seriously though, she is already go…

Proud Mommy Moments--She Did It

It's hard to make my kids go to school.  Really hard.  It's hard because I spent so many years of it not wanting to go.  I hated school.  Not always.  I loved school.  I loved it until I got to middle school.  I don't care who you are, middle school is brutal.  And my teen went through some really harsh times.  She experienced bullying, lots of pressure, and betrayal.  And I let her stay home during some of those times.  I let her stay home because I didn't know what else to do.  I let her stay home because she was making herself sick.  I let her stay home because I remember how much I hated going.  I pushed myself each day to go.  It was a constant battle within.  I didn't always win and neither did my own mother.  It's awful.

Tuesday night Kristin hurt her back.  How?  Even she didn't know.  We decided though, that she must have been stressed about auditioning for the school play.  They are putting on The Hobbit.  The Hobbit!!!  How cool is that??  The Dr…

We Want to Know....

Today I am participating in Mamarazzi's and Queso's Meme....We Want to Know.  Each week they ask five insightful questions and we get to learn a little something new about each other along the way.

1. What is the best advice someone has ever given you?
Hmm...I have been given lots of good advice by so many wonderful people in my life.  But I have to say my mom has told me:  Remember who you are, and teach that to your children:  A child of God.
2. What is your greatest accomplishment?  This is a no brainer for me.  My kids.  I have done lots of things that are great or cool.  But nothing will ever be so cool or great as my kids are.
3. Who do you admire? Hard! Hard! Hard!  It's not just one person but many for different reasons.  My mom for her perseverance, my sis for her humor, my BF Lorraine for strength, my BF Emmy for her sweet spirit.  I know there is more, and I know I could not pick one.
4. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Physically?  My n…

Random Fun

My sister discovered she had a two folders full of pictures of my kids ranging from the years 2001 to about 2006 on her computer.  How they got on her computer is a mystery.  But she put them on a disc for me and I have been editing them.  Oh my Little Middle was a chunky monkey!

She was less than 2 in this picture. Did you just go, Awwww? My teenager.  She was about 5 I think....nope....she was 4.

I lost my internet connection this morning.  Had it.  Lost it.  (Well I lost it years ago but that is another blog for another day!)  Came home after Weight Watchers--lost a pound this week and by pure freaking magic gave the laptop a restart and had my internet back.  So I am back baby! Earthquake back East.  What???  I have lots of friends back there.  I have been checking on them.  Only made contact with a couple.  It's weird to think that there was an earthquake that big out there.
I went to Wally World after WW to buy ibuprofren, paper plates and motor oil--yeah like I kno…

Not A Morning Person

I am not a morning person.  I am talking about those people who rise with the sun.  The people who smile and sing with the birds.  The people whom others would just want to punch in the neck.  Oh not me, I am not a neck punching kind of person.  But you know what I mean.  They are perky from start to finish.  It's in their DNA.  They just can't help it.    It's not in mine. 

I am not a coffee drinker.  I am a Diet Coke person.  So unless I have had my Diet Coke and have been up at least 2 hours, I am not a good candidate for anything.  I am grumpy.  I am absent-minded.  Well, I am absent-minded anyway, but in the morning it is really bad.  I do things that even a senile person would question.  My kids just shake their heads at me.  I can't even discipline properly because my words are messed up.

When I was little I woke up with this sun.  Ask my mom.  She will gladly tell you.  She could put me to bed at midnight and I was up at dawn.  That is my son.  He is the early …