Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Random Fun

My sister discovered she had a two folders full of pictures of my kids ranging from the years 2001 to about 2006 on her computer.  How they got on her computer is a mystery.  But she put them on a disc for me and I have been editing them.  Oh my goodness...my Little Middle was a chunky monkey!

She was less than 2 in this picture. Did you just go, Awwww?
My teenager.  She was about 5 I think....nope....she was 4.

I lost my internet connection this morning.  Had it.  Lost it.  (Well I lost it years ago but that is another blog for another day!)  Came home after Weight Watchers--lost a pound this week and by pure freaking magic gave the laptop a restart and had my internet back.  So I am back baby!
Earthquake back East.  What???  I have lots of friends back there.  I have been checking on them.  Only made contact with a couple.  It's weird to think that there was an earthquake that big out there.

I went to Wally World after WW to buy ibuprofren, paper plates and motor oil--yeah like I know what to buy.  What I bought:  a binder, notebook paper, pens, cookies, cherry limeade, strawberry lemonade, and paper plates, oil, and iboproferen.    Hey at least I bought what I came for!  But that never happens to you right? 

Have a great Tuesday...what's left of it!  


MiMi said...

That is so cool!! Those pictures are darling.

Emmy said...

Oh she was so chubby! How cute! And yea, totally have the same problem at the box stores

Nicole said...

hehe those chubby cheeks! Did she get that by to many people pinching her cheeks, lol... she must have been a doll!!! (you know irl)