Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I Miss, What I Don't Miss...

As I attended the third and last Back to School Night, I was brought back to my own younger years.  Perhaps it was the curriculum being described.  How I wished it was laid out for me that way when I was I was in school.  It would have made learning so much easier, and far more interesting.  So a thought started forming in my head....

What I miss about being a kid...

I miss Hide and Seek and other fun games.  Of course when I was a kid, the games were always outside, and endless.  We played til the streetlight came on.  Red light, Green light.  Freeze tag.  Stick ball.  You name it.  Yep, I miss being not only being able to  play those games but to not have any regrets later.  My body would scream at me now.

I miss writing letters and doing my work (yeah I actually did some!) in the grass outside.  If I did that now, it would be really hard to get back up.  Plus I am allergic to grass.  

What I don't miss?

Getting teased and down right harassed by my peers.  Mean awful girls who either don't remember doing the things they did or grew up to be "Mother B*tches!"  Ask Shell about those gals!  But no, I do not miss that at all.

Feeling like an oaf/ogre because I was/am so much BIGGER (taller) than all my shrimpy, tiny, cute friends.  Seriously, when you are six feet tall, and you are hanging out with someone who is 5'3" it messes with your head.

I miss no responsibility.  Except maybe clean my room(yeah, right!) Do the dishes(usually) and homework(ummmm)But yeah...I miss the freedom.  What joy.  Bills, appts, errands, school nights, homework, parent-teacher meetings, grocery shopping, lectures, drama.  BLAH!

I don't miss sharing a roof with my bratty sister, and my annoying brother.  Plus, I like going to bed when I want.  I like watching what I like.  If I want a pet, I can have one.  There are some benefits.  So would I trade it?  Maybe for a day, and only if I could have my present knowledge.  And I either want to hang out with my own kids--totally mess with them.  Or my mom as a kid just to see what she was like, though I already have some clues.  

What about you?  What do you miss?  What don't you miss?  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Know I Just Got Back...


That's right!  I am back with all kinds of random.  Let's start with politics.  All I have to say is this:

I seriously want this feature.  I am getting so freaking sick and tired of all the nonsense people are posting on FB.  I have been scrolling past unless it is a true update.  But if it is  a typical:  your guy is a douche kind of thing I am moving on but wishing I had a DISLIKE or HIDE feature!!  It's worse than the mudslinging that the candidates throw out.  Sheesh.

Kristin is learning sign language this year, so I have found a couple of websites and I am trying to learn with her.  She has a real knack for it.  She can finger spell really fast.  Not me.  I am like,  what???  It's worse than regular spelling.  Which by the way, I totally suck at.

Dancing with the Stars!  It's coming next week.  It's a super star season as this one will be filled with former champions and runners up!  I wanted them to pit Donny & Marie against each other so badly!!!  That would have been awesome!  They didn't.  Kirstie Alley is back and with Maks.  Probably because she is the only one who will kick his butt.  Haha.

I am in the running for Mother of the Year with my bestie, Emmy.  This morning, I took Kristin to early morning seminary like always.  I came home and took a catnap like always.  I set my timer on my phone.  It worked.  I woke up.  I saw I could get another five minutes.  And the next thing I know, thirty minutes had gone by!  What the what??  Why didn't my phone go off!  And about two minutes later, Kristin was ringing the doorbell.  Yep, I slept through the time I was supposed to have picked her up and taken her to school.  So who is Mother of the Year?  Me or Emmy?

And now I am off I always am!  Have a great day bloggy friends!

Monday, September 17, 2012

What Do You Do?

What do you do when you are faced with, I don't know what to write about anymore?  Have I run out of things to say?  Am I boring?  Have I lost my mojo?  Is it writer's block?  Do I really I want to do this anymore?  Am I giving it up!?  Oh heck to the no!

I think part of my problem is I can't land on any one subject I'd like to start with.  I know, it's my blog.  I can do what I want.  What I want to do kind of go back to my regular routine of asking crazy and thought provoking questions on Mondays.  I miss that!  Don't you???  I also miss....
Don't you just love him?  And all that is random?  Me too.  I miss reading all my friends blogs.  I need that back in my routine.  I just have to find a place for it.  I still have stuff to say!  And instead of it getting lost in my mind, I am putting it where it belongs!  Right here in the blog-i-verse!

Wow!  It's good to be back!!!!