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People Suck

Wednesday was a day filled with pride, melancholy and joy.  It was also peppered with why I think people suck.  I was not about to tarnish my proud mommy moment with annoying people!  No, I will give them their own special place of shame.   So welcome to CA GIRL'S Walk of Shame.

First on our walk of shame is this lovely person who decided they were allowed to park where ever they wanted!

Next we have crowd (un)control.  At Kristin's promotion there was no seating.  You were instructed to bring your own chairs.  Some people did not.  Rather than bring blankets and sit in the grass, they decided they were entitled to a better view and stood...IN FRONT OF THOSE OF US who chose the right.  There was a police man going around telling people to sit....

This was after those folks were told were move or sit.   And this guy was right in front of my sister.  The. entire. time. Did I mention the people behind us who talked through the whole ceremony?  How about the ones who stopped an…

Proud Mommy Moments: Graduations

It's time to share those Proud Mommy Moments and link up with KMama at the Daily Dribbles and EmmyMom
Three graduations in one year!  This is never going to happen again.  We had a Kindergarten grad, an elementary grad and a Middle school grad.  I am not sure when I realized it would be all three of them, but it wasn't soon enough to really plan anything grand.  Instead I barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs and made chess pie.  I bought plastic red plates at the dollar tree.  There is a tradition at EmmyMom's house with a red plate.  If it is your birthday or you have done something good you get the red plate.  Well I only have ONE red plate.  And all three were in the spotlight.  So I bought red plastic plates and grad plates for the dessert.  And hey why not mylar balloons.  Well can you believe they were all out of the graduation and congratulations types?  Sheesh!  I got them more personalized balloons:  Spiderman for Ryan and Smiley's for the girls.
Since I couldn&…

It's A Big Day

Not one, not two, but three significant promotions in school!  Kindergarten to First Grade.
Elementary to Middle School and
Middle School to High School.

I will see you all tomorrow and share the details then!  Have a great day.

Totally Random Tuesday

It's time to get your
random on.....

Two days left of school.  Today and tomorrow.  And what are they doing?  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  They are watching movies.  Having carnivals.  Water days.  Class parties.  Signing yearbooks.  T-shirts.  Getting out on good behavior early.   ***There is ROAD CONSTRUCTION about a mile from the middle school that just started this week!  What the heck?  Why didn't they wait to start this project a few measly days***  
I am excited for Promotion Day.  Kristin will probably wonder if I will cry.  It's possible.  I'm not a robot.  But if I could have a robot version of myself to do all the mundane crap I don't want to that would be so awesome.  
I wrote a letter to Direct TV.  I haven't heard anything back.  Not even an auto-reply thanking me for my comments and suggestions.   I really would like to know their response.  
I am taking part in a 100 day challenge of exercise.  I am on day 12.  You can do any kind of exercise for 30…

Karma Never Forgets!

Photo By Nicole W
If you thought my troubles with Verizon were sick and wrong, wait til you hear this.  Most of you know of and have seen the devastation behind the tornadoes that leveled Joplin, MO.  I have a dear bloggy friend who lives very close to all of this.  Her blog:  Life's a Beach has been featuring a lot what has been happening there.  You can go and visit her today and find out how to help rebuild.  Why am I bringing this up?  Well I am glad you asked.  
On Friday when I posted my FBOMB about Verizon--who are still being poopy by the way--my lovely bloggy friend told me that *DISH Network is charging folks in JOPLIN $500 for replacement of people's lost satellite dishes.  Ex-squeeze me!?  Baking  Powder!?  Did I read that correctly?  DISH NETWORK is asking FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to replace the dishes that people lost in addition to their HOMES!?  I can only imagine your disgust at this.  So I am not even going to ask if you are.  Instead I am going to ask this:  Would…