Friday, June 10, 2011

People Suck

Wednesday was a day filled with pride, melancholy and joy.  It was also peppered with why I think people suck.  I was not about to tarnish my proud mommy moment with annoying people!  No, I will give them their own special place of shame.   So welcome to CA GIRL'S Walk of Shame.

First on our walk of shame is this lovely person who decided they were allowed to park where ever they wanted!


Next we have crowd (un)control.  At Kristin's promotion there was no seating.  You were instructed to bring your own chairs.  Some people did not.  Rather than bring blankets and sit in the grass, they decided they were entitled to a better view and stood...IN FRONT OF THOSE OF US who chose the right.  There was a police man going around telling people to sit....

This was after those folks were told were move or sit.  
And this guy was right in front of my sister.  The. entire. time.
Did I mention the people behind us who talked through the whole ceremony?  How about the ones who stopped and picked up breakfast first and munched while they waited for it to start?
Did I mention for Kindergarten graduation there was a pot luck breakfast which I signed up to bring fruit to?  I told my husband to be sure and bring the bowl home.  It wasn't a special bowl.  It was however, a mixing bowl that I use for just about everything.  He forgot it.   Free bowl! I did go back to retrieve it.  It was no where.  I wonder how that conversation went...

Kid:  Mommy that's not our bowl.
Mommy:  It's okay, so-n-so's mom said we could take it.


Kid:  Why are you taking that bowl of fruit?
Mom:  We won it.

I hope you have enjoyed the Hall of Shame.  Do you have a story worthy of it?  Can you tell me why people suck?


Emmy said...

Okay-sorry for all the suckiness but I am totally laughing at the mom and son conversation as for real what did that mom say??
And yes that guy standing would have drove me crazy!

Nicole said...

Yeah people are all around rude these days (wonder what they were like back in the 50's... But at the same time, a natural disaster happens and they all ban together and it restores my faith in people.

Aubree said...

ugh i hate when people park crappy! or when they take two spaces instead of one...seriously, your car is not that cool.

MiMi said...

Pretty much everyone I see in public is on my wall of fame for shame.

Rachel said...

Oy... sorry about those aggravating things! Bad parkers drive me nuts... but especially people who stand in front of your view. Eek!

Hope the bowl thief has some remorse ;)

Amy said...

Really, some people just don't use their brains. Sad but true.

Christina Lee said...

*snert* at the mom and kid conversation!!! And the standing people--what the hell???

Nikki said...

aww I'm sorry that you had a sucky day with sucky people! I would've gone up to that man who was standing there and said that he would have to move because he was in everyone elses way, so rude of him! Some people I think are just not aware of others. hope you had a better weekend!

Jenny said...

I hate days like that! I'm sorry the festive occasion was marred by morons.

Cherie said...

It is amazing how many people do not think the rules apply to them.

OK I have a good one. I was in the drive thru line at Sonic yesterday. There are two ways that people get into this line - there is a designated drive through space (painted on the ground, etc..) and then people also come around the back -hard to explain. Anyway, whatever line you are in it comes to a point where you have to merge into 1 line before getting to the ordering thingy.
People usually just take turns from each line. But yesterday when I took my turn this woman who was next in the other line was not happy. I guess she must of felt like I took cuts?? (Incidentally I was in the true -painted on - drive through lane and she was not). So she proceeded to honk at me and yell at me (her kids were in the car - classy) to which I just ignored her.
When I got up to the ordering thingy and started giving my order she started honking - SRSLY!!
There were about 3 cars in front of me till you get to the window so after I gave my order I just sat there and talked on my phone until it was my turn at the window then I zoomed around to get my order and she had no choice but to wait for me to move.
Really, was it worth it to her?
Some peoples kids!!

Forgetfulone said...

People do suck! The worst offenders (to me) are those people who stood in front of you during graduation. I would have been pissed, and I would have said something, not that they would care, but that's just uncalled for!

blueviolet said...

People are so rude in places like that. I'm really short so when people stand at concerts, I can't see. That's fine when everyone is doing it, but when just a few people are doing it, please sit your butt down so the shorty behind you can see!

I can't believe someone took your bowl. I can, but I can't, you know.