Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ten Things To Smile About...

Emmy Mom

I've got ten things that made me smile this month, and I went and forgot!  So now that I remembered....I am linking up with my bestie Emmy!  

1.   We went and saw Captain America:  The Winter Soldier.  You know...I blame you for all of this Emmy.  I was fine until I saw Thor and The Avengers.  Yep, it's all your fault.  

2.  There was also Easter....it was nice.  We have interesting eggs...

3.  We took family pictures (twice actually) and got some nice pictures

4.   I have lost 14 pounds..it's a tough battle...especially when you like food.

5.  Speaking of food, I may or may not have had pie at Marie Callander's, and piece of said pie may or may not have fallen off my fork and into my shirt....INTO.  That was a sight...maybe.

6.   I recently referred to myself as a misfit on FB.  I am fine with that.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I like who I am:  A misfit.  :)

7.  Speaking of being a misfit...I recently was browsing in HOT TOPIC....have you ever been there?  It's a lot of fun to shop in there.  They have all kinds of geeky fun stuff, rock stuck, metal stuff, you name it.  The music is...well it is not my style...nor are the employees, or most of the clinetelle...see...misfit...so...imagine my surprise when I saw someone from church there.

8.  I arm wrestled my niece who is 24 by the way, and I won.  Oh and I did it left-handed.  She will tell you she lost because she was laughing.  I will tell you she was putting her weight into it, and I am not left-handed.

9.  Kristin is directing a scene for drama...she and a select few other students got chosen for A Night of Incredible Scenes.  She picked a scene from BIG BANG THEORY, pitched it and was one of them that was chosen.  I can't wait to see it.

10.  Sometimes, something like Shakespeare can make you smile!  From Macbeth:

Brilliance!  I love it.

What made you smile this month?