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The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Every day has good things and bad things. Sometimes the bad things seem to out number the good. It is then that we must find the good.

Saturday....good. This means I can sleep in and be a little lazy.

Have to go shoe shopping...again! Now I don't mean shoe shopping for me. that would be grand! No, I had to buy PE shoes for my daughter. Money is tight so I put this as bad. Plus I didn't really want to go any where. Bad attitude.

My mom came with me and the kids. Good. This means someone to help me with the kids.

I spent $45. Not good. But I suppose I could have done worse.

Rich had to get his car smog checked. Good and Bad. Good for me...I didn't have to go. Bad for him because he did have to go!

Bank card declines. What the French Toast!? This is where ugly comes in. I went online to check on our account and indeed we were overdrawn. It took some doing, but I found the reason.

Good. Mom loaned me the money so Rich could go home.

Better. Donna--my extras' …

There is sorrow. There is Joy.

My uncle died today. It was in the wee hours of the morning. He had been very sick with cancer. He was my dad's youngest and only living brother. I am more sad for my dad and his family than I am sad. My uncle shut himself out from the family. I don't know why. I never asked. The last time I saw him I was probably 15. It would have been when my Grandpa died, my dad's father. I remember we played games that night...or the night before. And my uncle was being very funny. He was very funny. Silly. We were playing a game called Perquackey. A game of dice with letters on the dice. I don't remember how many dice there were or the rules. What I do remember, is my uncle spelled a bad word. I remember being shocked that he would use a bad word. I told him he couldn't use it. He was laughing. The funny thing is, it truly was the only word he could spell. He had horrible letters. We were all laughing. Who won the game? I couldn't tell you. I just…

This and That

I am behind in my blogging. Last week, I started getting migraines. This is nothing unusual for me. I get them a lot. I have prescribed medicine for them. Thank goodness! I took my meds and did my best to get through the days. Soon, the prescribed stuff was gone, and I was still being plagued by the headache. This should have been a clue. I moved on to Ibuproferen. It helped, but when the meds wore off, the headache was back with vengeance! I thought it could be a rebound migraine. Those are the worst. And about the only thing to cure them is sleep, and little or no meds. I was doing good with the meds though. I didn't think I was over doing it. It was then, I realized a lot of my pain was central to my face. It was time to go to the doctor. I am not a good patient. I will wait til I am forced. Why? Who knows? I am not this way with my kids. I don't run them to the doctor if they have the sniffles, but I do take them when there is a problem. So I went. …

Chicken And Rice

Do you get bored of cooking? I do. It's always the same old thing. Don't get me wrong, my kids will boast that I am the best cook in the world. Well I don't know about that. I might be willing to take being the best cook in this house. haha. Sometimes we just want something that is easy and tasty. Well here is a family favorite that is just that. I got this recipe from a good friend of mine.

chicken pieces--you can use all breasts, all thighs, or whatever your family will eat.
1 can cream of mushroom soup
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 1/3 cups of rice
3/4 to 1 cup of water
Seasoning salt

In a casserole dish, spray with vegetable oil and then add the soups, rice and water. Mix together. Add chicken pieces and sprinkle with spices. Cover and cook at 375 for 90 minutes. Serve with your favorite vegetable. I usually serve corn.

Viola! Easy dinner. For us a crowd pleaser.