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April Fool's Day

I refuse to resort to any childish pranks for just one day.  I would much rather do it every day!  Watch your backs...there just might be a kick me sign on it.

So far I have launched two jokes.  One victim hasn't discovered his joke.  It's just silly stuff.  I am too wimpy to be mean.

I am also not creative enough to come up with pranks of my own so I googled "April Fool's Pranks."

There are some down right nasty ones.  I could never do it.  Mostly because I wouldn't want it done to me.  But some were silly and simple.  I can handle that.  Does that make me silly and simple?

Did you know pranks are to be played before noon?  I didn't know that.  

What pranks are your going to pull?  Come on fess up and link up!

Ten Things To Smile About

Before I tell you all what made me this month, I am going to make one of you smile!  Remember my soap giveaway?  Well thanks to I have a winner!
And the winner is Nicole!!  Congrats Nicole.  Be sure and send your info to Nikki.
This month as I list my ten things, I am going to number them so I can keep track and make sure I list ten.  ;) Celebrating not one, two, three, four, but FIVE birthdays this month.  Finishing my dishes at the end of the day makes me very happyPlaying silly made up gamesKnowing that I have it goodFamily outtingsHelping my daughter with a huge project and seeing how excited she was.Rainbows...I saw one after our rain stormsThe new season of Dancing of with the StarsRalph Macchio being in the line up!You guys.  My followers who never cease to boost my ego(and who doesn't like that?)What made you smile this month?  Come on over to Emmy's place and play along.


Tonight the dancers all get to dance a second dance before elimination.  I think they should do this every time.  It gives certain folks *cough* Wendy Williams *cough a chance to step up their game and get votes.  But even your favorite to win needs your votes.  Don't assume they will win because they HAVE the vote.  They still need yours.  Now, in case you were wondering where in the world is Derek Hough.

Derek is said to be making a movie called Cobu.  A love story centered around... dance!  It is set to be released summer of 2012.  Derek should be returning in the fall.

Sugar Ray Leonard and Anna Trebunskya 1-800-868-3406
Sugar Ray and Anna are dancing The Jive and he asked, "what is the jive?"  Is he serious???  He is older than me and I know what it is.  During rehearsal, Sugar Ray fell right on his butt.  It's not funny.  But I laughed.  As I watched them dance, I felt like it was  Anna doing the leading.

Len told him that tonight they had to make the most of it…

Random Thoughts

My friend told me that my blogs topic hit her news.  At first I was all, "no way!"  "MY blog!?"  For real?  Then I remembered I posted on my daughter's blog.  So I wanted to know which station it was so I could find the clip.  Then asked her if they quoted me or named the blog.  Then she said, "No, they talked about the same topic as you."  They didn't mention me.  Oh well.  It was 5 seconds of almost fame.

I went to Wal-Mart today to buy: dishwasher soap, dryer sheets, pop and Melatonin. I spent $42.  How does that happen?  Maybe that is better left for a Monday post!  It must have been that candle I bought that put me over the top.

Leftovers are awesome.  They are great for lunch and even better for dinner when you really don't feel like cooking.  It's also financially responsible.  Yeah, blah blah whatever.

Kristin has a cold.  She has been sneezing like crazy all day.  Going through tissue.  Ick.  Snot rags everywhere.  Sorry kid.  I d…

Freaky Blogs!!!!

You've all heard of Freaky Friday right?  Where the mother and daughter switch bodies for a day.  Well since that can only happen in the movies, we thought we would do it in our blogs.  My oldest and I are switching places for today!  You can catch my question of the week right over here.  For now, see life in the eyes of a teen.

Me and my mom are trading blogs. My blog is Kekster's Palace. I am 13 and in middle school! I Loooove Twilight I'm a Team Jacob for three reasons.

1. He is hot

2. he is sexy

3. he is hot...oh wait I already said that!!!

I am an amateur photographer and actress. I love the theater. I have starred in two plays Teenage Night of Living Horror and The One Acts. In both I had a lead role. 
I love...comics...mainly Garfield I have the movie the first one.

Hmm...what else? Oh I have an AH-Dorable Kitty named Midnight. We rescued him. We think he was abandoned. He is black. and his eyes oh his eyes! The are a light green with a lighter green around them …