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Weak or...?

Am I weak?  Am I crazy?  Do I love a good challenge?  I am not sure what the answer is, but we rescued two brother kitties yesterday.  They are three years old, current on shots and fixed.  A good fit for us as we have the needs for cats over a year old, and these boys needed a home ASAP.  So I took them in.  We got the pleasure of naming them and everything.

This is Sheldon.  Yes, we are Big Bang fans.  He was busy last night rubbing everyone and everything. So yes, much like Sheldon he is making it known what is his.  (No, no marking!) Just rubs. Spencer is shy.  And well he is scared.  As soon as he is comfortable and the pecking order is established--Sheldon! I am sure he will come out and meet people.  He's pretty. But not ready to socialize.
But on the day of his return, he will be top cat no bones about it.  He will make it known.  We are still looking for you!!!

It's Summer....

It's Summer time and folks are busy going on vacation, or "stay-cation."  It's just a time we kick back a little while the kids are not in school.  And sometimes blogging takes a little break too.  I'm here.  It's been a little hectic around here.  Our kitty got out a week ago.
He got out during the day on the fourth of July.  It would have been fine had it NOT been the fourth!  But the fireworks had to have spooked him.  He's been gone a week now.  Flyers are posted, he's on the internet!  He's a famous kitty.  But alas.  He is still missing.

To distract from the sadness of our missing furry friend, and to beat the first real heat of summer, I got some water toys for the kids.  And it worked out nicely.  Fun was had by all.

It worked great!  Much laughter ensued, and everyone got a nice cool down.
Kristin was not pleased with this one, but I love her hair in this!
Ryan had the most fun I think...not doesn't matter.  The thing cos…