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It's All About Me

I must confess I am overwhelmed with joy that today is a day off from school.  I get to sleep in.  I get to hang out in my jammies a little longer.  I don't have to scramble and get everyone out the door.  I don't have to deal with homework.  I don't have to pick everybody up.  It's just a nice day to sit back.

I confess....

That after that first confession it took me ten minutes before I could write another because my son never stopped asking me questions.  Maybe I don't like this day off after all.

But I do because I am going to Zumba which is always fun and I really need it.  And then after Zumba we are having some WW soup.  It's a soup kind of day.

I confess...

I am feeling the Christmas spirit already.  In recent years, it's been a real battle to get into it.  I am not sure why it is different, but I am holding onto it.  I like it.  Maybe it's because I've already bought a few small things.  And by small...I do mean small.  But whatever...I am…

Proud Mommy Moments--

I got into a fight with this child about underwear.  Yep, you read that right. Underwear.  She had gathered her clothes for the school day, but claimed she could not find any underwear. I told her to go back upstairs and look again.  To which she simply said, "No."  Oh no she didn't!  Oh yes she did! She said she wanted me to do it.  Okay number one this is totally ridiculous. Hello, you have legs child!  Number two my knee is in arthritic fits right now as is my ankle.  Like h e double tooth picks I am going upstairs to fetch your dang underwear!  Get it yourself!  We literally fought for 5 minutes over WHO was getting her underwear.  I finally told her I am her teacher and not her servant.  She stomped up the stairs and got herself some underwear.  After she was dressed she was finally remorseful.  Yeah.  Look long and hard at that face....she can be stubborn.

Oh he's so sweet.  He will woo you with those big beautiful blue eyes of his.  But don't fooled.  He …

DWTS Double Dances

Tonight it is two dances, one that is rehearsed and one where they are given the music the night of the show.  Each couple has 20 minutes to practice their routine with their music for their Jive.

Rob and Cheryl 1-800-868-3402
Rob and Cheryl's first dance is the Quick Step. In rehearsal, Cheryl tells him that she is the picture and he is the frame and that he must hold them up.  I thought this was a great analogy.  Their dance was very well done.

Len said that he when started (the season) he thought this wasn't going to work. He said the opening section was terrible--booing ensued--but that once he got in holds the whole thing changed and that it was his best dance so far.
Bruno compared him to a speedy drag racer, and said that it was an   incredible improvement.
Carrie Ann said he was the ideal contestant, because first he was not that great and then he grew and grew to  smooth and polished.
Scores: Carrie Ann:  9 Len: 9 Bruno:9 Total: 27

Hope and Maks 1-800-868-3408
Hope an…

The Status Quote

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="CAGirl"></a><br>I'm turning in to an old lady :( Send HELP!! Honey if you're old, I'm the crypt keeper!Im totally not bowling with Brad Pitt right now. Stupid internet rumors. Sure, then who was that I saw you with you then??Crunch Berries should be filled with a delicious and soothing berry lotion specifically designed to repair roof-of-mouth damage.  I think all Cap't Crunch should come with a warning label.  "Made with sand paper."Nothing puts me in the Thanksgiving spirit like Christmas Music  "It's beginning to look a lot like....Thanksgiving."Mmmmm Taco Bell sounds good? What is WRONG with me!?!  "Possessed? Pregnant?  Psycho?" One of those.How are you Sponge Bob? :) This was posted on the wall of one my BFF…

What Motivates You?

When I was a kid, I was "solid." I was also very active.  I grew up in the time of playing outside until the street lights came on.  We chased, we skated, we rode bikes, we played stick ball.  You name any one of the grand old games and I played them.  I got skinned knees, walked in a cloud of dirt and had an absolute ball.

When I turned 12 however, despite my activity, my love for food increased.  Food can be a wonderful friend you know.
Needless to say, I developed a weight problem over the years.  And like most people I have done many crazy diets.  I even had a doctor prescribe me diet pills once.  I don't remember them making me all hyper, and I don't remember my appetite being suppressed.  I think I lost 10 pounds.

In 1991 my mother returned to Weight Watchers to lose weight for her high school reunion and when she got smaller than me, I was motivated to lose the weight.  And I did.  I lost 50 pounds.  I ended up wearing a size SIX.  I was skinny for the first t…