Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Status Quote

I'm turning in to an old lady :( Send HELP!! Honey if you're old, I'm the crypt keeper!
Im totally not bowling with Brad Pitt right now. Stupid internet rumors. Sure, then who was that I saw you with you then??
Crunch Berries should be filled with a delicious and soothing berry lotion specifically designed to repair roof-of-mouth damage.  I think all Cap't Crunch should come with a warning label.  "Made with sand paper."
Nothing puts me in the Thanksgiving spirit like Christmas Music  "It's beginning to look a lot like....Thanksgiving."
Mmmmm Taco Bell sounds good? What is WRONG with me!?!  "Possessed? Pregnant?  Psycho?" One of those.
How are you Sponge Bob? :) This was posted on the wall of one my BFF's it's one of her nicknames.  She has several. 
Will someone please come upgrade the OS on my Mac? I lack the bandwidth and the will. Never mind, I'd have to put on clean clothes. That reminds me, I need to do laundry.
The longer I teach first grade, the more I realize that EVERY first grader picks their nose. Ryan totally denies this fact, though his sister ratted him out.
 I got dressed like my children today... I put my shirt on backwards. I so want to do this now!
Now there is a parenting tip : if our kids wake us before 8am on the weekends they get to pick dog poop up from the yard. I almost want a dog now.  But not really.
They say that spontaneity is the spice of life but I don't see it on the shelf so I'm going with Paprika. I think I will go with garlic.  
Now it is your turn to copy and paste status updates and tweets, and auto corrects!  Sure why not.  Remember no names.  We must protect the guilty...I mean innocent.  Then link up with me and Emmy!


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Lol! Those crunch berries are dangerous! And I'm pretty sure I need a dog. Though I might use the 8am rule every day. :)

Emmy said...

You found some good ones. If I got dressed like Alex, I would also have to wear my pants inside out and backwards- so I think I'll pass :)

Nicole said...

I swear, that first one almost sounds like something I said a few weeks ago. and i like the dog poop rule! i have a pretty big yard too!

Anonymous said...

Love your finds! I love the Thanksgiving spirit/Christmas music!

mormonhermitmom said...

I prefer allspice myself, and if I have to have Capn Crunch, I'll go with peanut butter flavor.

MiMi said...

Lately my friends' status updates are all sad and depressing. :(

Shell said...

That's almost enough to make me want a dog, too. Almost.

blueviolet said...

Captain Crunch does hurt a mouth, you're right! But it's so good!

Joy@TPMG said...

I love these. Hmm...I wonder what my kids would do if I put my shirt on backwards? They probably wouldn't even notice:)