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Proud Mommy Moments: A Blast From The Past!

I love Thursdays--I know it's Friday-- because it means I get to share my proud mommy moments of kids. And the really cool thing is there is still time to link up with EmmyMom and Kmama!    And it can be brag worthy, and who doesn't like to brag about their kids!? Or, it can be funny or hang your head in shame!   And you get to see who is hanging their head with shame or beaming with pride! We all do it.

Mine is just funny.  And I only have myself to blame!  So here we go...

When I was pregnant with Ryan, we asked our girls what they would teach their brother to be....

Kristin said, she would teach him how to be kind and how to share with others.

 Emily said I am going to teach him how to BURP!

Ryan is very kind, and he does a good job of sharing with...his friends.
And....he is a most excellent burper!  Oh I tried really hard to capture this grand talent.  But Ryan wouldn't let me.
Imagine that!  A kid with a chance to burp at will AND be video-taped(okay digitally record…

Treasure Hunt

Have you ever heard of geocaching?  Well, don't feel bad if you haven't.  Until I got to know my Hermit friend, neither did I.  Thanks to her, I blew my husband away.  When he asked me if I knew what geocaching was, I simply yes.  He just stared at me for about 30 seconds like he couldn't believe I knew about this.  It was quite amusing!  Like I have a secret life or something.  Well I do, but we won't tell right.  I kid.

We went on our first geocahing adventure.  And guess what?  There's an app for that!  And if you have a Droid, you can go to your market and get the same thing.  We're all friends here. 

It was a small find.  A find that wouldn't "Stump" us.  So we had to find a tree stump.  We were looking for smallish tree stumps.  Then I saw the sad remains of a fallen tree.  Well now, that is a bigger stump of a tree.  And then I saw something and pointed it out to Rich.  We found the hidden treasure!  Inside the little painted bottle:  a pen…

The Status Quote is Back!!!

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The status is quote is back after a short leave of absence for the holidays.  Now remember this is just a monthly meme that Emmymom and I host.  The second Tuesday of every month to be exact.  It couldn't be easier.  Gather up the strange, funny, insightful or whatever type status up from Facebook to Twitter.  And for fun, you can add your own little commentary.  
"Stop, drop and roll!" is excellent advice to give a friend. Better advice would be, "Never start yourself on fire."  Stop would be the first clue.That moment at 2:16 when you forgot that your class started at 2:00...oops...I have done this with picking up kids.The dogs think I've lost my mind completely!!!  I have a cat.  He thinks he is superior to the human race.  Fu…

New Looks?

It's a new why not a new look?  Not for you or me!  We look gorgeous dahling!  How about kids today.   I read an article from yahoo about trends that should disappear.  You can read it here.  It talks about everything from graphic tees--which as long as they are in good taste I do not mind--to bikini's(as in STRING bikini's) for babies.  What baby needs a string bikini?  It is not cute!  Not in the slightest.  I found it disturbing.  Go ahead, call me a prude.  I don't care.  I think it is totally inappropriate to sex up an infant.  There I said it.

It doesn't stop there.  Why would it?  There is also padded bras for your 7 year old!  Who thought this one up?  Pedophiles?  I mean really.  Help me out here.  Does a seven year old girl really NEED a padded bra.  It's hard enough watching them turn into a woman when the time comes.  Why push it?  Why are parents allowing their daughters to become this? 

Other trends listed were the Angry Birds.  I like t…