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Proud Mommy Moments

I could use this time to brag on Emily for going to school so much better.  It's been rough for her.  But she has been doing it.

I could also brag on Ryan for trying his best to stay still but it's hard when your motor never stops.

However, I am using this time to brag on Kristin.  I felt so horrible for not bringing my phone to the variety show.  I am just thankful she was a willing participant when I asked her to record herself singing for the sole purpose of putting it here on my blog.  So here she is singing, "When Will My Life Begin?" from Disney's Tangled.

I am linking up with EmmyMom and Kmama today and their Proud Mommy Moments!

So Random it's Wednesday!

Three more days left of school.  I am over homework, getting up early, making lunches, dropping off and picking up. 

I now need to plan out ways to keep busy so that A) they won't eat me out of house and home.  B) they won't whine about being bored.  C) won't fight--as much.

I went and got sick.  I am currently trying to cough up a lung. And my sinuses are packed.  Nice.

I tackled laundry yesterday.  Now I need to put it away.  It never ends.

A lot of you commented on Kristin's make up from yesterday.
The make up was done by a student.  The play was spin on Pinocchio with a Tim Burton twist.  Kristin's character was actually male and very disturbed.  She played it well.  The whole cast worked very well together.

It's taxi time.  When I get home, it will be laundry time.  Maybe I can sneak in some blog time.  I sure miss reading them.  I miss my bloggy friends.

Ten Things To Smile About

It's Not Saturday, even though my mind is insisting it is.  Give me an extra day and I lose my mind completely.  And trust me, it is too small to be wandering off on its own.  It's actually Monday night, as I type this.  And the month is at its  close, which can only mean one thing.  It is time for Emmy's Ten Things To Smile About!  Don't know what that is?  Well check it out here for more info.

And without any further adieu....

1.  I shot Emmy (it's okay she shot me back)
2.  A Facebook poking war with a dear friend that includes pictures.  Epic.
3. Seeing Kristin in a student directed & written play that won!  Those kids rocked it.

4.  Going to Indio with Emmy and her family and having all kinds of fun!!!

Now if you want to know just HOW much fun... you will have to go here!  It's a two part story.  You must read BOTH parts!

5.  A variety show at Kristin's high school.  And her first solo!  
6.  Another thing that made me smile at this variety show w…