Thursday, October 18, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments 500

No I haven't had 500 Proud Mommy Moments, but wouldn't that be cool???  But that is what this meme is all about helping us to remember those proud moments especially when times are rough and we having the other (not so) proud moments.

First, I have to say I hate homework.  It's a battle.  It's exhausting.  It's times three with one kid and to the tenth power with three.  It's stressful with difficult schedules.  Our kids don't want to do it, and neither do we.  This is why I love that our school has  The kids can go on there and study at their own pace from home.   Well imagine my surprise when I got an email from them with a certificate to print for Ryan.

Holy cow!  500!  He loves math and science!  Way to go kid!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why I Am Defending My Beliefs

Most, if not all of my Facebook friends share my view in politics.  I would venture a guess of about 50 to 60% of them sharing my religious views.  Some are friends in real life, some are blogging friends, some are family of course, and some I met through a forum that is now defunked, ka-put, DEAD! But a group of us managed to stay connected on FB.  Over the years, it has been fun to stay connected and share fun stories, jokes and laughter.  But since this election, it has become more and more challenging to maintain good feelings.

I do not care if you don't like who I am voting for.  Posting about him 35 times a day on your FB status is kind of extreme and definitely annoying.  I was happy to learn how to block someone out of my news feed.  It's a much happier place to visit now!  Thanks Emmy.  What bothers me, is when you tackle his religious choice.  Yes, I am for Romney/Ryan.  There, I said it.  But what gets my knickers in a wad, is when people start saying things that are out right disrespectful.

Last night, in the closing of the debate, each candidate was asked to tell the country who they are and why we should vote for them.  The very first words out of Mitt Romney's mouth:  I believe in God, and I believe we are all children of God.  In a nutshell that is who he is.  He went on to speak of his church experience as a "Pastor." (A position which he does not get paid for) Sitting across from those in need of assistance.  He has never needed it, but he has seen it first hand.  One of my FB friends called it preaching, and said she wanted a President not somebody with a "magic" friend.  Another mutual friend came in and added, "And "Magic underwear."*

My responses were simple:  He was asked to tell about himself, and he did.  And as for the magic underwear, I wear mine every day.  I never leave home without it!

I am weary of the argument and the tireless remarks.  However, I am not tired or weakened in my convictions.  I grew up in the LDS church and formed my own opinions and testimony long before I ever even heard of Mr. Romney.  And here's the clincher, he is not preaching.  If you want preaching about the gospel of my church, simply go to and you can find a wealth of information at your fingertips.  We recently had General Conference in which our General Authorities spoke to all of the members WORLDWIDE.  What a tremendous blessing that was.  That was preaching.  That is what I believe and who I am.  And nothing anyone says will ever change that.

And I must love it, because why else would I get all riled up?
*  "Magic underwear" is the crude reference some "friends" are giving in reference to the garments that Temple-worthy LDS members wear.  They are worn as reminders of covenants made in the Temple, reminders of modesty, and it is a part of who we are.  Much like a Catholic Priest wears his Cross, and robes we wear our reminders inwardly.  They are not "magic."  But we do treat them with respect and honor as you would a cross.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Random, Jokes, Changes

Do you get hungry whenever you watch a show/movie and the actors are eating?  I do.  I think Big Bang Theory is the worst for eating.  It seems that's all they ever do.  Bewitched it was drinking.  So I guess of the two evils, eating is the lesser.

We were telling corny Halloween jokes on the way home...joke like:  Why didn't the skeleton cross the road?  Because he didn't have the guts!  My two favorite jokes of the night:  What do you call candy corn?  Pumpkin Poop.

And the other one I laughed at was this:  How come you can fool vampires?  Because they are all suckers!

It's time for a change...a big one...a scary one.  I have been thinking about this for a long time.  And it is time.  

I am going back to school.  Online.  I am going to earn a Bachelor's Degree in English.  I want to ultimately get a Masters Degree.  But for now, a Bachelor's Degree.  I start next week.  I have no idea what to expect.  I do know that I will not be doing the Dancing with the Stars posts anymore.  It's very time consuming.  I have enjoyed it tho. But, I don't think I will be able to manage it.  Will I quit blogging altogether?  Nah.  I will be here.  Hit and miss just as I have been as of late.  I just know that now is the time.  I have prayed about it, thought long and hard and the opportunity presented itself to me.  So here I go!  When I graduate, I can even fly out for the ceremony if I so desire!  I just might.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Trouble From the Start...

Seven years ago, and a day late...I will never let him live it down...our last addition to the family was born.  And I should have known he was trouble from the start...he peed on the doctor!
Then at age 15 months..this boy chipped his tooth!  He was playing on a Little Tykes riding toy...indoors cause it was probably snowing outside.  (We lived in VA at the time) And he flipped forward and chipped his front tooth.

When he was 18months old, he broke his nose.  I know I have a more pathetic picture of him some where.  The ER doc had the nerve to tell me he had no bone to break in his nose, and to NOT give this poor child baby motrin.  Upon seeing his pediatrician, I was told it was most definitely broken, and to please give him motrin.

When he was just a little over three years old, he fell into the duck pond.  It was such an event, that it was blogged about in three blogs.  Here's my version.

Oh but that's not wasn't much longer after that...that he learned about...Rocks and Gravity.

He's a daredevil...but a cautious one...believe it or not...he loves to ride his bike, he loves the water despite the duck pond.  He makes me laugh every day.  He loves Legos, cars, trains, and pretty much anything that will go.  He is all about Superman, Batman, Ninjago and any Superhero one can think of.

Those big blue eyes are heart melters.  The girls will be chasing him in just a few short years.

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Happy Birthday, Ryan!