Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why I Am Defending My Beliefs

Most, if not all of my Facebook friends share my view in politics.  I would venture a guess of about 50 to 60% of them sharing my religious views.  Some are friends in real life, some are blogging friends, some are family of course, and some I met through a forum that is now defunked, ka-put, DEAD! But a group of us managed to stay connected on FB.  Over the years, it has been fun to stay connected and share fun stories, jokes and laughter.  But since this election, it has become more and more challenging to maintain good feelings.

I do not care if you don't like who I am voting for.  Posting about him 35 times a day on your FB status is kind of extreme and definitely annoying.  I was happy to learn how to block someone out of my news feed.  It's a much happier place to visit now!  Thanks Emmy.  What bothers me, is when you tackle his religious choice.  Yes, I am for Romney/Ryan.  There, I said it.  But what gets my knickers in a wad, is when people start saying things that are out right disrespectful.

Last night, in the closing of the debate, each candidate was asked to tell the country who they are and why we should vote for them.  The very first words out of Mitt Romney's mouth:  I believe in God, and I believe we are all children of God.  In a nutshell that is who he is.  He went on to speak of his church experience as a "Pastor." (A position which he does not get paid for) Sitting across from those in need of assistance.  He has never needed it, but he has seen it first hand.  One of my FB friends called it preaching, and said she wanted a President not somebody with a "magic" friend.  Another mutual friend came in and added, "And "Magic underwear."*

My responses were simple:  He was asked to tell about himself, and he did.  And as for the magic underwear, I wear mine every day.  I never leave home without it!

I am weary of the argument and the tireless remarks.  However, I am not tired or weakened in my convictions.  I grew up in the LDS church and formed my own opinions and testimony long before I ever even heard of Mr. Romney.  And here's the clincher, he is not preaching.  If you want preaching about the gospel of my church, simply go to and you can find a wealth of information at your fingertips.  We recently had General Conference in which our General Authorities spoke to all of the members WORLDWIDE.  What a tremendous blessing that was.  That was preaching.  That is what I believe and who I am.  And nothing anyone says will ever change that.

And I must love it, because why else would I get all riled up?
*  "Magic underwear" is the crude reference some "friends" are giving in reference to the garments that Temple-worthy LDS members wear.  They are worn as reminders of covenants made in the Temple, reminders of modesty, and it is a part of who we are.  Much like a Catholic Priest wears his Cross, and robes we wear our reminders inwardly.  They are not "magic."  But we do treat them with respect and honor as you would a cross.


MiMi said...

But....magic underwear?? That's a laugh out loud thing. What a silly term.

Shell said...

I had zero clue what magic underwear was referring to.

I tried not to look too much at fb/twitter during the debates b/c seeing some people's opinions really made me get mad.

Emmy said...

Wonderful wonderful post! Very well written and yes- when did it get okay to make fun of someone's religious beliefs?
And those that post mean and rude things all day- do they really think that is going to make someone vote for the person they want?

mormonhermitmom said...

Testify sister!

Michelle said...

I'm feeling very frustrated and discouraged as well! Everyone has a right to their opinion, but the God bashing is awful. It's so sad.

Urban Earthworm said...

I think it's sad that people will stoop to mocking anyone's personal beliefs. That said, I do get annoyed when a number of my friends state that they are voting for either candidate purely because of that candidate's religion or when they make absurd claims about God supporting a particular candidate. I don't make fun of them, but I sigh when I read those posts. Just because a candidate is religious (or not) doesn't mean they will make a good politician. Obama's stances definitely fit more with my Unitarian Universalist faith than Romney, but I'm basing my vote on how I feel various political issues are best handled - which is not, in a nontheocratic society,- by referring to one's religious text. Our leaders' religions are part of who they are as people, but our political system should not be controlled by the religions of our leaders.

Nicole said...

Ok, I'm not the same religion as you are, however, here's my two cents :). This country was founded yes with a separation of Church and State, but.... it was based on Christian beliefs. Point blank. That is religious! I think a leader of a country should have religious beliefs. As long as they believe in God and good morals, I believe that is key.

And the whole one Nation Under God whoopla... Hello, Budda is considered a God, Alla is considered a God, etc. So think about this... we're all under Our God. I don't like all the religious badgering either.

If you remember back to the election where Obama was elected, there was a ton of badgering not only on McCain but they would compare Obama to Palin. Hello, 2 different offices there! Well now it seems like they're badgering Romney in the same manner. I don't get it. And maybe I'm not making any sense... who knows.

Nicole said...

Ok so what I meant to say I think... Defend your beliefs! And I wish people would quit all this badgering. Point out your goods, not the flaws in the other. Be the bigger person! :)