Monday, October 15, 2012

Trouble From the Start...

Seven years ago, and a day late...I will never let him live it down...our last addition to the family was born.  And I should have known he was trouble from the start...he peed on the doctor!
Then at age 15 months..this boy chipped his tooth!  He was playing on a Little Tykes riding toy...indoors cause it was probably snowing outside.  (We lived in VA at the time) And he flipped forward and chipped his front tooth.

When he was 18months old, he broke his nose.  I know I have a more pathetic picture of him some where.  The ER doc had the nerve to tell me he had no bone to break in his nose, and to NOT give this poor child baby motrin.  Upon seeing his pediatrician, I was told it was most definitely broken, and to please give him motrin.

When he was just a little over three years old, he fell into the duck pond.  It was such an event, that it was blogged about in three blogs.  Here's my version.

Oh but that's not wasn't much longer after that...that he learned about...Rocks and Gravity.

He's a daredevil...but a cautious one...believe it or not...he loves to ride his bike, he loves the water despite the duck pond.  He makes me laugh every day.  He loves Legos, cars, trains, and pretty much anything that will go.  He is all about Superman, Batman, Ninjago and any Superhero one can think of.

Those big blue eyes are heart melters.  The girls will be chasing him in just a few short years.

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Happy Birthday, Ryan!


becca said...

Happy Birthday Ryan you rock

Rachel said...

Ah Oh! Cooper peed on the doctor too! I'd better be on high alert! :)

Happy Birthday to Ryan. I can't believe the duck pond thing was that long ago . . . crazy!

Emmy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ryan!! Glad we got to see you this weekend so we could almost celebrate with you :)

mormonhermitmom said...

A broken nose that young? Kids got some street cred!

Nicole said...

Trouble or not, your life wouldn't be complete without him! Happy Birthday Ryan!! late :)