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I tell you this season is going to be tough!  All these top contenders! I never know who to vote for.

We interrupt your regular blog post for this...

Kristin is taking ASL which also counts as her foreign language.  She had the opportunity to use it in a real life situation.  She was at the mall with her friends last Friday and a deaf person was selling key chains to make extra money.  One of her friends, who doesn't take ASL wanted to find out if he was really deaf and asked her how to sign that question.  She showed him, and then she had a conversation with the deaf person.  How cool is that!?  
Not to be out shined by her big sister, Little Middle (who is hardly living up to LITTLE out Emmy and Busi she is taller than you both now!) I digress...three reports from her teachers...drum roll please...Drama A+, PE A+ and Math A+  HELLO!  *
*  Humility comes quick...Emily is currently scrambling to finish a power point presentation due TODAY for drama! Hahaha!  Well …


I missed a few days in the month of September, but that is okay.  I am proof that you can play anyway.  I am picking out some of my favorites among the daily challenges throughout the month...hold's going to be a bumpy ride....

There is chair under that cat!          Sometimes, you have to blow a bubble.  Two cats very near each other.

My husband, my heroStrange pods outside my house         My favorite drink

And that was just a few of them!!!  It's loads of fun, plus you get to see other people's interpretation of the same picture.  I linked up with Emmymom and Janette of Johanson Journey!

*Come Back tomorrow for my DWTS write up*

Hot Kevin Costner & Change

October First should mean lower than 100 degree temps and having your windows open!!  We are still up and over 100.  Yes we are griping.  You would be too.

Our cats follow me around like dogs.  Seriously.  It is quite ridiculous.  They beg like dogs too.  Maybe they are just dogs in cat costumes.  I tell you, it's quite an act.

I am watching DWTS but not taking notes.  I am recording it though so I can do that tomorrow.  There is too much noise going on around me.  Plus I am just worn out tired today.  I am writing this on Monday can you tell?

Did you happen to see the Emmy's?  Did you happen to see Mr. Kevin Costner have a "squirrel" moment during his speech?

Don't worry Kev, we still love you!  I mean come on!  Look at him!!  How could you not.  He is 57 and looking fine!

I was just a little too pleased with myself when I came up with this little gem:  Change is only good when it's a diaper.

I plan on doing some thrift store shopping today.  (Now it's…

Hot Topic Issues

I am a TV watcher.  I get so pulled in.  I get attached to characters to the point that when producers and writers kill them off it makes me angry.  Two of my favorite shows have done this.  Bad bad bad!  How dare they.  One is Grey's Anatomy.  I love this show.  But let's be serious, I am still mad about them throwing sweet George under the bus!  Oh how that made me mad!  And how Private Practice killed off  Dell.  Why?  I digress.  I am not going to go on about how shows kill off characters we come to know and love.

These two shows have a lot in common....

Grey's Anatomy Private Practice
Both shows are medical dramas, both shows are connected by one character Addison Montgomrey.  Both shows have reckless doctors who break rules and make rash decisions.  And both shows are produced and written by the same people.  They are both on ABC which I am fully aware is a very liberal channel.  I get it.  So my question is why on both shows then when women who are intelligent, car…