Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hot Kevin Costner & Change

October First should mean lower than 100 degree temps and having your windows open!!  We are still up and over 100.  Yes we are griping.  You would be too.

Our cats follow me around like dogs.  Seriously.  It is quite ridiculous.  They beg like dogs too.  Maybe they are just dogs in cat costumes.  I tell you, it's quite an act.

I am watching DWTS but not taking notes.  I am recording it though so I can do that tomorrow.  There is too much noise going on around me.  Plus I am just worn out tired today.  I am writing this on Monday can you tell?

Did you happen to see the Emmy's?  Did you happen to see Mr. Kevin Costner have a "squirrel" moment during his speech?

Don't worry Kev, we still love you!  I mean come on!  Look at him!!  How could you not.  He is 57 and looking fine!

I was just a little too pleased with myself when I came up with this little gem:  Change is only good when it's a diaper.

I plan on doing some thrift store shopping today.  (Now it's Tuesday!)  I am dressed and rarin' to go.  Plus I have to work on my DWTS stars post.  At least I won't be refereeing two babies all day like my mom will.  Say a prayer for her will ya?


MiMi said...

I LOVED that little diaper gem!! LOL!
Kevin IS pretty dang cute for being 57.

Emmy said...

57! Holy cow he does look good! And two babies?? Who else is your mom watching?

That diaper one is a good one- speaking of, some plant exploded in Japan that makes the stuff that absorbs the pee- so I am off to stock up before the prices go up

Nicole said...

Seriously, he's that old? Never would have guessed it!

mormonhermitmom said...

You need to find a picture to go with your diaper mantra.

100 degrees in October? H-E-double toothpicks! You should complain! I don't know who you'd complain to....

Didn't see the Emmy's. I don't watch tv unless it's on PBS now. I know, lame. But I just can't get excited about dysfunctional families, politicians, dancers/singers anymore.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Now I wish I'd seen him at the Emmy's, partly because he's darn cute!