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In Lieu of....

In lieu of "Random Friday," I am going to talk about "UN-Valentine's Day."  Valentine's Day is a Hallmark Holiday that has grown to ridiculous proportions.  I think we try to out do ourselves every year.

When I was in junior high and high school, I dreaded Valentine's Day.  And what I dreaded more were the Valentine's grams.  I watched as "everybody" but me got piles of the grams.  I know now, that it was probably more along the lines of a few people got a lot while the rest of us sat empty handed.  I wish I would have thought to send one to myself.

Years later, I matured(somewhat) and I met my future husband.  Our first Valentine's together was spent in Texas; meeting his family.  No worries, we would just celebrate after we got back home.  Besides, there was always next year right? A year later, we had been married 5 months and were going through our very first transfer.  We moved on Feb. 14...aka...Valentine's Day.  But it was o…

Writer's Workshop

I love Thursday's because that means it is Mama's Kat's writer's workshop.  What on earth would I write about if I didn't have her!  Today I chose 2 prompts.  They were all so hard to choose from, that I had a hard time even choosing just 2.  I chose:  A List of Do's and Don'ts and Tell Us About That Scar.

Do not stick a bobby pin inside of an electrical socket
Do not stick a 9V battery to your braces
Do not eat cocoa before it has been sweetened
Do not stick your tongue on a pole in the winter
Do not eat paste
Do not chew with your mouth open
Do not roll your eyes at your mother
Do not stomp your feet unless you are happy and you know it
Do not grab toys out of your siblings hands
Do not cut people off in traffic
Do not say mean things
Do not accept dares

Do eat chocolate at least 3 times a day
Do play on the computer
Do act silly in public places
Do take naps
Do watch mindless television
Do read a lot
Do write actual letters it's a lost art
Do pat yo…

Wordless Wednesday

Emily at 3 I think. Don't worry she is not sick.

What's In A Name?

When I say Clark, do you think Kent and therefore head to Superman?  If I say, Edward, do you think Cullen?  And then go to Twilight?  It's true, we hear a certain name, and our minds automatically conjure up an image to go with it.  It could be a personal thing, or a famous thing.  Either way, whenever we hear a name it means something to us.  Clark Kent is a nerd but we all know who he really is.  Well there is a name that I have noticed that almost always is pseudonymous with kicking butt! Let's turn back the clock a bit tho...before this name meant opening a can of whoop ---!

Once upon a time in 1977 a show ahead of it's time started.   A man pretending to be gay in order to live with his two lovely roommates.  I loved this show.  Still do, and it is largely due to John Ritter.  Who couldn't love his lovable counterpart, JACK Tripper.
Jack Tripper was girl crazy, and almost always turned on.  He was sweet, funny and clumsy.  The character was loved and Mr. Ritter&#…

So Many Questions

The other day as I drove my kids home from school and I made my usual right turn at our usual corner off the main street...there was some jack#@* wise guy parked there with a friend leaning into the passenger window talking to them.  I had to make a very wide right turn to get on the street.  He is lucky the corner is not real obstructed from that direction.  And further more he is lucky there wasn't a cop around!  Which brings me to this...on my way to the grocery store, I noticed a cop car double parked next to another.  They were obviously talking about a very serious case and how they were going get the bad guy.  I mean why else would they break the law like that?

My brother-in-law used to be a cop.  He told me once how many times he had seen officers abuse their authority and how angry it would make him.  He told a couple of vague stories that had my jaw sitting on the ground.  My BIL was a good cop.  And I am certain there are many.  So if you know someone who happens to be …