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Don't Judge Me

Don't judge, just play along with Glamazon and Mamarazzi!
I stay up late night after night and drag my feet through out the day.  Why?  So I can enjoy a few precious hours without having any demands made on me.  So I can watch a show I like.  So I can read an entire blog without being interrupted.
Normally I am overjoyed about kids in school.  I am not feeling it this year.  I just want to sleep in and be lazy.  
I bought the complete 5th season of Bewitched.  Oh how I loved that show.  How could I resist?  It was $10!  Two days later I bought the complete first season of 21 Jump Street.  It was $2.50.  How could I resist???
I have baskets of clean folded laundry.  It is waiting to be away.  Some weeks are like that.  
I don't watch Super Bowl.  I tune in through out to see the score and catch a commercial, but with the internet who needs to even do that?
I made rolls.  From scratch.  I forgot the salt.  D'oh!  I hate when I do stuff like that.  Kristin told me it was okay, &qu…

Life's Lessons

Do not slam your finger or thumb into a car door.

Do not just lick the "butter" off your finger.

Do not ride a big wheel like it is a scooter.

Do not spray perfume into your eyes.

Do not pick up your casserole dish, cookie pan, or cake pan after it has been in the oven without oven mitts simply because it has been sitting out for short time

Do not try to reason with a five year old.

Do not allow sleep overs when you have a migraine.

Do not stand too close to the edge of the pond.

Do not throw rocks in the air

Do not stick a bobby pin in the electrical outlet.

Do not touch a 9 Volt battery to your braces.

Do not cut toward yourself.
Never schedule an unfinished just might publish before you are ready for it to do so.  Just sayin'.

These are just a few of life's great lessons.  What has life taught you?
Growing up I had a very special friend.  She and I only went to the same school twice in the 10 years we grew up together.  One year of elementary and one year of middle school.  We fought like sisters, shared like sisters, and got into mischief like sisters.  We spent many a night writing notes.  To each other.  While sitting in the same room.  We talked about celebrity crushes. Boys we liked.  We played games and listened to music.  We were inseparable.  At least until her family moved to Ohio.  Ohio?!  Are you kidding me??  Sadly no.  But we wrote and called each other.  I never lost her.  That is pretty impressive considering I moved a total of 7 times after I got married. 

Right before her 16th birthday surprise party.
Through the miracle of technology we are now able to talk everyday.  We text, chat, email and thanks to Facebook let the whole world see what we are talking about.  And now, I have her started on a blog!!!  She is so excited to do this, and I know you all will go a…

Ten Things To Smile About

Well January is over and it is time to reflect on the month and see what had me smiling.  Then I head over to Emmy's and link up.  If you haven't read her blog before you need to.  So when you are done here go and pay her a visit.
New Year's Eve fun with family
Pet Rock Stand
Getting a manicure from my daughter Playing with the different settings on my camera Letting my daughters take pictures with the camera and seeing a whole new perspective Letting my sister practice her talent with my camera.  And getting a sweet shot like this in return!
Getting clothes that fit!  (sorry no pics of that, but it is on my list!) Kristin made honor roll! Getting a haircut long before I normally would.
Having a years worth of equity in our home!! What are you smiling about?

What's For Dinner

What's for dinner?  How many times in one day do you hear that question?  For me, it is at least four times a day, and sometimes within seconds of each other.  This, I do not understand.  Were they listening, and they ask anyway.  Do they think the answer will change?  Are they testing me to see if perhaps I forgot what I already said.  It can make a person nuts. Oh sure I have thought about putting a sign somewhere that reads:  Dinner tonight is hamburger helper.  But that would require actual reading.  Also I don't always know what I willing to cook I will be making.  Certain days require take out simple preparation. I am not a menu planner.  I am more of a buy-the-meat-that-is-on-sale-and-make-whatever-comes-to-mind-kind of gal.  
I really dread this question.  Perhaps because I get asked every day at least 4 times.  Sometimes more.  And because I dread the question, I sometimes like to use sarcasm honesty.  My favorite answers are:  food, I don't know...what are you maki…