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Brag Time

One of the joys of parenting is the right to brag.  Is it right to brag?  I don't know.  Is it fun to brag...heck yeah!  So here is my brag session.

First up is Emily....she is a very creative young lady.  Like us bloggers, she gets writing prompts.  Except she gets graded on hers.  The latest prompt she had to do was using descriptive powers.  The first paragraph originally started like this: The girl looked out.  She could tell she was not on earth.  She saw stuff.  The paragraph continues in that fashion.  Her job is to dress it up.  And so she did...

Arlene looked out at the moon.  She could tell that she was not on earth.  She saw toys, video games, papers, pencils.  She even saw the Statue of Liberty.  Everything on earth was floating by.  Every statue was making faces and every doll was dressing itself up.  Arlene could smell something very stinky.  She could hear a voice calling Kayla.  Kayla!  The voice made her think about what was probably happening at her house, was he…


Lady Evelyn sat next to her husband.  He lie in the bed, weak, thin and ashen.  It wouldn't be long now.  She took his hand.  His eyes opened.  He looked at her, but she couldn't see him anymore.  He was gone.  He searched her eyes trying to remember who she was.

"Evelyn" he whispered.  A tear trickled down her cheek.
"Yes, my dear." she whispered back.  He looked at her.  She saw him.  He was there.  He knew her.  He was safe.  He was gone.   She turned away as if it would make it all go away.  In the door way stood her two young girls;  Zel and Ana.  Ana cradled the family cat in her arms.  They knew.  Evelyn rose to her full height, pulled up her shoulders and drew in a breath.  She took one step.  Zel and Ana came crashing into her.  She dropped to her knees and wept with them.

One Year Later

Evelyn met and married a widower.  He was a lot like her late husband.  He was kind, generous, and ver…

Lost and Found

I am forever losing misplacing things.  I have designated homes for certain things.  My purse is kept by my table next to the couch.  Sometimes I am so tired after grocery shopping, that I might set it on a chair at the kitchen table; only to search frantically for it a few hours later.

My cell phone normally resides in my purse.  My purse is a black hole.  So naturally when I went looking for my phone I assumed my purse had swallowed it.  I even went as far as to dump the entire contents therein.  Alas, it was a vein attempt.  I had already looked through my clutter neatly arranged stacks that are perfectly organized...what?  *ahem*  I called the darn thing.  Now, I will admit my hearing isn't so great, but even on the low setting I can hear it loud and clear.  I paced around the house, looked in odd places.  I even looked in the freezer.  Come on who hasn't put something where it doesn't belong???  I asked Ryan.  He said he had not seen it.  I have to take this at face …

Almost Official

After 4 months of eye rolling, loud exhaling, scanning this, signing that, emailing here, emailing there, pulling old files, scrambling with money it is finally about to pay off!  We have been renting our home for a little over two years now.  Our Landlords are truly the best people a person could do business with.  They have known for a while we were in the market to buy; so it just made sense to them(and to us) that they short sell the house to us.  It's been a ride!  A ride that I would so like to get off.  And I can finally see the end is near.

Originally, we were supposed to close on Jan. 15th, but due to some delays with the appraiser and the lending company, we are now closing at the end this week.   Our loan documents arrived yesterday and we had the notary over to sit with us as we signed, and signed, and signed, and signed.  I was told about that big old stack of paper by many people.  I still stared when I saw it.  I had to ask how many pages it was.

"They are usual…

For Monday

I have a question...well this week I have two.  And they have absolutely nothing to do with each other.  Let's begin...

Last night we had a power failure.  Our whole street was dark.  Ryan kind of freaked out.  We lit candles, which I found out in CA is a no-no.  Why?  Because this is earthquake country people.  Makes sense.  I digress.  My question is this:  is it just me, or do you turn on the light when you go to the bathroom?  There is no power.  What possess the mind to think it will turn on?  We played improv games and had snacks.  It was then I remembered....duh we have a fireplace.  So I had Rich open the flue and get it going.  At the very second the fire lit (it's a gas fireplace) the lights came on.  I kept the fire place ablaze.  It was nice and toasty.  We survived without TV and computers for over an hour!  The family of geeks!!


Last week, I took Kristin and Emily to the doctor.  In the waiting room, I…