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Friday Five: English, Food, and Tears

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I'm back I am linking up with my bestie, Emmy for her Friday Five! 
1.  What a week we have had. Unless you live under a rock, you already know about David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Cancer sucks. I have been affected by this monster one too many times by the loss of family members. I know people who have won, I know people who are fighting; HARD. I will say it again. Cancer sucks. In May I will be participating for the third year in a row for Relay for Life: the walk against cancer. I will be posting about this in the future. 
2. This week was the first week back to school for the kids. They did alright dragging themselves back. It helped that both this week and next are 4 day weeks.
3.  Did you win the lottery? Yeah, me either. 
4.  Just today Rich asked if we could simply fast forward through 2016(avoid all the political crap) I have to admit, it would be nice. 
5.  I need chocolate. It just sounds good. 

When your E…

Comments and Discussions

Whenever I see a post from a friend on FB my curiosity gets the better of me and go looking in the comments. We all know what happened to that poor curious kitty. The comments I see are usually terrible. The way people speak to one another and these are people they do not even know. What could they possibly gain from speaking so harshly to a stranger? It is this type of behavior that completely stunts my mind. While I may not agree with a person's view point, I certainly would not find gratification in locking horns with them or worse name calling on the Internet. I suppose it is easy to do when you are shrouded behind the cloak of a computer or other device. I am not saying we should not voice our opinion. This is our right. It's just better done with class and dignity and without the use of name calling or vulgarities. 
This leads to the next question, when someone does challenge your opinion when is it time to "walk away" from the discussion. I have blocked peopl…

Ruining My Kids Lives!

I am ruining my kids lives. I know for a fact that I am ruining their lives. How do I know this? Well for one thing, my son tells me on a regular basis how I am ruining his life. These times come when he is being punished. Let me preface this with anyone who says boys are easier because there is less drama do not know just dramatic boys can be. I have two drama students in the house, excuse me a graduate (girl)who LETTERED in drama and a second year drama student (also a girl). That being said these girls are far less dramatic than this boy. Yes, tears are shed when they are told they have done something wrong, but when the boy is being punished he hates it here, I am ruining his life, he storms away, slams his door...drama. In the end, he gets over it and so do the girls when they have been scolded/punished. Of course the older you get the less that happens...maybe. 

     My oldest has referred to me as a " cool cat" parent. She once told her friends how she now can l…