Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Five: English, Food, and Tears

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Emmy Mom

I'm back I am linking up with my bestie, Emmy for her Friday Five! 

1.  What a week we have had. Unless you live under a rock, you already know about David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Cancer sucks. I have been affected by this monster one too many times by the loss of family members. I know people who have won, I know people who are fighting; HARD. I will say it again. Cancer sucks. In May I will be participating for the third year in a row for Relay for Life: the walk against cancer. I will be posting about this in the future. 

2. This week was the first week back to school for the kids. They did alright dragging themselves back. It helped that both this week and next are 4 day weeks.

3.  Did you win the lottery? Yeah, me either. 

4.  Just today Rich asked if we could simply fast forward through 2016(avoid all the political crap) I have to admit, it would be nice. 

5.  I need chocolate. It just sounds good. 

When your English homework has math in it, you know you are screwed! (Look at question five!)

Kitty wants food!

These eat like rice cakes, but taste like Sugar Smacks! Low in Calories, sugar and fat but taste good. I found these at the Dollar Tree.

Potato Soup with Broccoli and cheese. Homemade. 

Blue and I mean BLUE cupcakes


Shell said...

Oooh, I'd like to avoid all the political crap. YES, PLEASE.

I cried like a baby yesterday over Alan Rickman.

Regina L. L. Wells | You Are a Daisy said...

Skip the political stuff this year? Yes, please and thank you. I am tired of the never-ending campaign cycle. We used to get a break, but not any longer. Yeah, I didn't hit the lottery either, but then the fact that I didn't play and relied on my husband and father probably did not increase my odds either. LOL! Love your post!

Emmy said...

Election years really are the worst. And thanks I really want chocolate now! I am so grateful for these three days weekends, really does help ease into the transition back.