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It's Friday!!

It is Friday. It is Friday.  It is Friday.  I am not saying this over and over because I am over joyed...well okay maybe I am a little.  I am saying it over and over again, because I did my regular Friday grocery shopping yesterday.  I wanted to beat the holiday rush.  People are crazy at any holiday.  Also my kids have an extra day because the teachers had to take a furlo day.  So I am really messed up.  Then I remembered it was Friday, which means it is time to confess. 

I am not a patient person.  People think I am so easy going and relaxed.
I am not.  They don't live with me.
If they did they might not say that.
I am very easy going and patient.
As long as every thing is going exactly how I imagine it should.
When it doesn't, which is 99.999999% of the time, I get very a little cranky  irritated.
Actually, all of the above is completely fabricated.  I am actually perfect in every way.  I just act flawed so people will not feel bad about themselves.

What are your deep dark…

If I Could Do It Over...

If I could do my wedding over, I would.  Don't get me wrong, I like the guy  I married.  I wouldn't change that.  I liked the colors.  I liked my dress.  The food was fabulous.  My mom worked with a chef so we got a pretty stellar spread.  No, those things I would not change.  I wouldn't change the location of our wedding.  So what would I change?

Well for starters, I would change the fact that one of our groomsmen had a broken leg. Yep, you read that right.  A broken leg.  Ironically he broke his leg the day we had originally chosen.  Bless his heart for coming and standing in the wedding.  Next to the bride, he got the most attention. 

Next, I would change the wedding party ever so slightly.  See, my sister was a bridesmaid.  I wouldn't change that for the world.  She is my sister.  No, I would change the groomsmen.  Biggest mistake I made there.  At the time, it just made sense to have her then husband turd-man be the groomsmen on her arm.  Looking back, if hind si…


I can't believe it is here!  And this season, the trophy can go to any one of the finalists.  It is one of the closets seasons I think I have ever personally seen.  In fact, each year, they have gotten progressively more intense.  I think all the celebrities out there are secretly taking lessons in case they get an invitation.

In the finals, the couples get special coaching from the judges.  Erin and Maks get Bruno.  Oh, the fun they must have had!  Their dance is the Samba, and Bruno wants Erin to be more loose and move her hips.  This is her "redemption" dance.  Erin masters the move in practice, and Bruno rejoices with, "Look at your a--!"  They dance it brilliantly and at the end both stand on either side of Len and kiss his cheeks.   Len first quipped that his dream of being kissed by a bearded man had been fulfilled. He finished with telling Erin her improvement was fantastic. 
"Your hotter than noon in the tropic!! My head is still shaking!"  B…

Just Five More Minutes...

Oh my goodness!  It's May sweeps, which in the world of TV can only mean one thing....season and series finales galore!  Dancing with the Stars had a three hour season finale event that started at 8 with an encore of the show from the night before. The next two hours were filled with the eliminated stars, the competing college teams, and two more scored dances for the remaining three.  Now normally, I would spend Tuesday night following LOST making the recap post.  Well here it is 11 at night, and the post is not ready yet.  So, I am asking for just "five more hours minutes for me to get it up.  Okay...maybe not 5 minutes...but less than 5 hours, k?  Cool.  See you all back here shortly.  I will break out the good snacks this time.
This award was given to me by The Drama Mama over at The Scoop on Poop. Go and check out her place.  Thank you Drama Mama! Muah!
Anyway, along with accepting the award, and following the rules (first was to thank the person who passed it to you) comes the revelation of 7 facts I'm not really sure you really should know about me, but here goes....
1.  I can pick things up with my toes. 2.  Drama Mama mentioned her first celebrity crush...Ralph Macchio...he was not my first, but he definitely adorned my walls!!  My first was Scott Baio.  *sigh* 3.  I don't like confrontation. 4.  Which is weird because growing up I would not be crossed.  I bit.  Oh yes I did. 5.  I brandished a knife at Rich when we were dating. 6.  It was just a joke.   7.  I am actually pretty easy long as I get my way.  ;) Next is to pass this lovely award onto my fellow bloggers.  I hate this part.  It is sooo dang hard.  I want to cop out and say everyone gets one.  But I  know that is not how it is d…
Last Thursday I watched the season finale to Grey's Anatomy.  If you also watched this show, then you know it was positively gut wrenching.  It had you on the edge of your seat for two solid hours.  It was almost as bad as 24.  I had knots in my stomach as I watched my favorite characters face peril and uncertainty.  It was awful.  It was fantastic and brilliant writing.  I loved it.  I hated it.  It drained me.  Fast forward to Sunday for one of the most anticipated series finales in probably the history of television.  I'm talking of course about LOST.  If any of you committed six years of your life to trying to figure it out, you know exactly what I am talking about.  And I didn't figure it out until the last possible second before it was finally revealed.  Yeah, I'm slow like that.  **Please be careful with comments as some readers may not have seen it yet**

Last night I went to bed still going over the 2 and a half hour event in my mind.  Trying to …