Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Friday!!

It is Friday. It is Friday.  It is Friday.  I am not saying this over and over because I am over joyed...well okay maybe I am a little.  I am saying it over and over again, because I did my regular Friday grocery shopping yesterday.  I wanted to beat the holiday rush.  People are crazy at any holiday.  Also my kids have an extra day because the teachers had to take a furlo day.  So I am really messed up.  Then I remembered it was Friday, which means it is time to confess. 

I am not a patient person.  People think I am so easy going and relaxed.
I am not.  They don't live with me.
If they did they might not say that.
I am very easy going and patient.
As long as every thing is going exactly how I imagine it should.
When it doesn't, which is 99.999999% of the time, I get very a little cranky  irritated.
Actually, all of the above is completely fabricated.  I am actually perfect in every way.  I just act flawed so people will not feel bad about themselves.

What are your deep dark secrets?


Terry said...

I love this! You made my day! :)

Jenny said...

Love this. Really cute. It did make me feel better, sweet Lourie.

Lee said...

I am the same way...just act that way so people don't feel bad about themselves!

CJ Sime said...


Imaginative Me said...

Haha! When you act perfect, people don't give you any attention! So it's good to admit you have some fabricated flaws once in a while! :)

Glamazon said...

Ah, I love it. I'm also amazingly easy going when things go my way :)

Love it, love you, thanks for playing!

Emmy said...

Lol! Love it

Linda Medrano said...

Lourie, you seriously rock! I'm glad Terry sent me over.

Kellie said...

I can't relate. I am genuinely cranky and irritable. Unless I'm in a good mood, of course.

The Drama Mama said...

Even when I'm in a good mood I'm generally cranky and moody. Ha. :P

sarah said...

I have a lil surprise for you over at my blog!

Whatcha waitin' for? Go look :)

mormonhermitmom said...

SHHHHH! You're NOT supposed to let the imperfect people know we perfect people are faking our flaws! Do you want to get kicked out of the secret society?????

Cheryl said...

Great stuff. I make up flaws all the time to try to hide the REAL ones!

Rebecca Watson said...

Yes, I was soo happy for it to be here! Friday indeed! I have such a busy weekend! You're going to be featured for lovestory next week June 7th! Thanks so much for participating! :)

Shugee @ Blue Heron Cottage said...

Chuckling here Lourie. I also have to confess that I just read the Reader Digest article "Normal or Nuts? Your habits, quirks and fears explained" they had expert weigh in and most of it that we think we're crazy about is what everyone is like. Made me feel so much better. Hah! Especially the talking to yourself when you're trying to get something done, foundout~ that's what some famous brillant people do, like novelist and such, they said it makes you crazy like a fox.

Also, Lourie I think my favorite day to grocery shop is Friday and I'm with you on the not liking crowds my sil calls going to Costco on a Saturday, it's like swimming upstream.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Janiece said... first I was really afraid!

Glad to know you are as perfect as I imagined

Vanessa said...

I like your geeky so its cool!

Mumsy said...

Love your post of confessional! I think we live double lives some times..

Holly said...

That is one of my deep dark secrets too. I have no patience...I just pretend when forced to (like with the kids).