Friday, January 17, 2014

I Squirrel A Lot

I "squirrel" a lot.  Does this happen to you?  It happens to me.  Constantly.  For instance, I will be telling a story and I will think of another one right in the middle of it and launch into that one.  No worries, I will circle back eventually. 

This week has been interesting to say the least.  Monday I was three kinds of cranky.  I may or may not have terrorized my family that day.  It didn't help that I had two papers due that day, one of which I had completely wrong and had to entirely rethink.  I really needed chocolate.

Tuesday was a better day.  The kids went back to school.  They might not have liked it so much, but I was happy.  Did I settle into a nice a nap or relish in the quiet?  Nope.  I went shopping with my Mom and stopped only for lunch where I made fun my own horrible parking.

Who parks like this!?  Well just know that you are not safe, because I even call myself out on a bad parking job.

Wednesday was more shopping and Weight Watchers.  I lost a pound.  I hope it doesn't find me!  I got a special surprise...
My Loki phone cover!  My mom got it for me for Christmas and it finally arrived.  We both thought it was my daughter's phone case cover with Harry Styles from One Direction.  I literally squealed with delight!!!  "LOKI!"  BHAHAHAHAHA!

Last night my son got his Bobcat in Scouts.  Bonus...I got a pin!  I did not know this would happen.  So I took a selfie of us.  All the boys started shouting, "Loki!"  It was hysterical.  
This kid steals my heart!

In the homework (mine) corner, I got to write about my dear bestie Emmy.  The assignment said to write about someone you didn't like at first.  I loved and love Emmy from start to finish.  Shut up.  I wrote about another friend first.  She and I did not see eye to eye at first.  Emmy and I are a totally different story.  It's not that I didn't like her.  It's just such a strange story I felt it was worth sharing.  I met Emmy 13 years ago this May.  My Grandmother had suffered a stroke and I drove from Southern CA with my two little babies (3 and almost 1) and my Mom.  Rich had to drive home and return to work.  Our whole family was there.  I mean ALL of us.  Understand, my family is huge.  My cousin was there with his fiance.  I met her.  I remember she was very cute and tiny!  However my cousin is almost seven feet tall so he would make anyone look small.  To be honest I didn't remember much beyond that.  How horrible is that???  Under the circumstances, probably not too much.  The interesting twist came six years later when my cousin and his bride moved to California.  We invited them to dinner.  It turned out they had a son just one year older than Ryan.  Ryan and Lucas were instant best buddies.  And as it turned out, my best friend turned out to be someone I met thirteen years ago.  I love you Emmy!