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Why I Don't Want a Straight Parade

I don't want or ever need a pride parade as a straight person. I am actually disgusted that there is going to be one in Boston. Straight people do not need a pride parade. It's redundant. We get to tout it EVERYDAY! I will say it again, and LOUDER for those of you in the back. As straight people we get to celebrate our straightness EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR.  I really shouldn't have to elaborate this point but I will. 
In all my years, during the worst of all the times I was bullied, I never once was bullied for my sexuality. I was bullied for the color of my skin. Yes, I am white. I was still bullied. I had mud thrown at me, rocks, dirt, and I was spit on. All because of my skin color. I was never once harmed because of my sexuality. I am straight. I like men. I married a man. From a very young age I felt attraction to the opposite sex. I understood my sexuality. It is entirely possible to understand attraction to a gender same or otherwise. You might not fully unders…