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It's time to confess....

The confession post is a little like the random post with a twist.  I get to unload things juicy, silly, fun and maybe boring. 

I am getting super excited to see my life long friend.  She is coming July 5th.  Her daughter has college orientation that week.  Even though neither one of us is old enough to have a college age kid.  ;)I saw her in 2007 when we moved here.  We took a side trip.I have Captain Jack Sparrow as my background on my phone Obsess much?  Maybe a little.  I really enjoyed the movie.  I laughed.  A lot.  And I don't have a little girlie laugh.  I have a loud hearty laugh.At some points I wondered if it bothered anyone.Then I thought...too bad so sad.  It's my laugh.  Loud and proud.We brought in our own snacks and drinksBecause that's how we roll.The whole night cost us less than $6.  We had two free passes and went to The Dollar Tree for the goodies.This weekend we are celebrating Little Middle's 11th birthday.Not so little…

Proud Mommy Moments: Impressed

It's time for those Proud Mommy Moments!  You know...the kind where you are either beaming with pride or hanging your head in shame.  Whatever it is now is the time to share your Proud Mommy Moment with Emmy at EmmyMom and KMama at The Daily Dribbles.

Last week, Kristin went to Girls Camp with our church.  It was high adventure.  There was going to be all sorts of neat things for the girls to do.  Including horse back riding which I totally knew she would be doing without even second guessing.  There would also be swimming, another duh.  And sky sailing.  Sky sailing?  What the heck is that???  Check that out here.
I never would have believed she would have tried it.  We signed the waivers in case she wanted to, but I honestly didn't think she would.  Well, she floored me and proved me wrong.  I never would have done that.  Well, maybe...nope....nodda...sorry.  I will watch and probably wish that I had.  But no thanks.    I was very impressed.
Getting ready to go tubing. They maxe…

Not Another Break...

I am not taking a break from my fact, I am guest posting over at Emmy's while she settles into her new home.  So go and see me there and hang out a bit to give her some extra love to! 

Totally Random Tuesday

I had a horrible migraine yesterday.  It took two Excedrin and a Vicodin cocktail.  What's a Vicodin cocktail?  3 Ibuprofen + 1Tylonel.  Basically it's the Vicodin without the narcotic.  Rich and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides.  Free passes! Plus snacks from the dollar tree.  Oh yeah!  It just makes me want to watch all the other ones.  There were certain characters I missed seeing.  No, not Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly.  I was thinking of the two bumbling pirates.  The bald guy and the skinny one with the fake eyeball.  It was still good though.   I put away almost all of the laundry.  The whites are in the basket.  Hey they are folded.  What more do you want?In two weeks my BFFL will be here with her family.  Her daughter is going to college.  How are either one of us old enough to have college age kids?  Well I must not be since mine is only starting high school. *wink* Anyhoo.  She has orientation the first week of July so they will be here …

Did You Ever Forget...

Did you ever forget where you put your keys?  All.The.Time.

Did you ever forget an appointment?  Yep

Did you ever forget to eat?  Who does this?  Can you tell me how this happens?

Did you ever forget to set your alarm?  Many times!

Did you ever forget to buy things at the store and have to go back?  More than once in the same week.  Especially around the holidays.

Did you ever forget to turn on the dryer?  Oh man I hate that one!

Do you ever forget someone's name?  Too many times.

Did ever forget to blog?  I almost did!

What things have you forgotten?