Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Five

Emmy Mom

So remember a couple of days ago when I linked up with my bestie, Emmy for Ten Things to Smile about?  Well I am doing it again today for Friday Five!  Sharing five thoughts and five pics for the here I go...

1.  I posted it on FB, but I will say it again daughters are awesome.  They don't ask for much.  They let me hang out with them.  My oldest lets me fangirl with her.  They are both talented in so many ways.  Creative, funny, and enough love to wrap around the world twice.  Yep.  They are pretty freaking awesome girls.

2.  My SIL posted a pic of her and her brothers when they were little kids.  My husband was probably 7 or 8 tops.  It just is freaky how much our son looks like him.  Okay freaky is the wrong word here.  It's actually a good thing.  But you can look at that boy, and look at that man and say...yep!  Then hold a a photo of the man when he was a boy and you better be sitting down.  

3.  On a more serious note,  there have two deaths at Emily's school.  No, not gang or gun related just horrible tradgedies.  One was due to epilepsy.  The other was struck by a car while riding home on his bike.  How horrible is this?  Not only that, but Emmy's kids lost a friend last year (this was a little kid mind you) who was also struck by a car.  I suppose it felt more personal as it affected our dear friends(who just happened to be family too.) I was just thankful Lucas and Alex were safe.  That has weighed heavily on Emily's mind, and so when a friend took a tumble at school the other day and bloodied her knee fairly badly, it upset her terribly.  We talked about it, and I told her that her friend was probably fine--she is.  But how scary that must have been.

4.  In other dramas...teenage girls can be so #@$%#$@% mean.  I mean really.  Poof!  Be gone.  A supposed friend has been saying hurtful things about Kristin.  I was beyond ticked when I found out.  I get into Mama Bear Mode rather quickly.  Hard not to folks.  Let's just say that certain things are genetic like height, or I don't know...maybe...acne.  And people make horrible assumptions about you if you have acne.  This is stupid, because as I said, acne is genetic.  It is my fault.  I had it so bad.  UGH!  But good grief!  I decided however, that acne is genetic just like being bitch must be.  Yes, I really did say and type that.  

5.  Did you know it is supposed to rain here(in Southern California) we are in a drought and need rain desparately.  However, I have heard a few people griping about it already.  Are you kidding me!  I am going to run out there and dance in it.  I am going to shout praises.  We need it!!!  This state is blessed with glorious weather most of the time, suck it up for a few days would ya?

*****Picture Time*****

Someone, and it was not me, left this EMPTY Coke Case in the fridge.  WHO DOES THAT!?  (Hint: Only two people drink it)

One of two shapes can be seen on the back of this cat's head:  Batman or Stingray

This picture only makes sense if have seen The Lego Movie.

Some cloud and sunshine

"My View" was the theme of the day on Instagram.  It got a lot of likes.  I was pleased with it.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February's Smiles

Oh my goodness!  Is February already over???  I know it is a short month, but it really went by fast.  So I have been doing pretty good with writing once a week.  This week it is Ten Things to Smile about with my Bestie Emmy.

Emmy Mom

1.  So remember I got to see CORIOLANUS with Tom Hiddleston?  It was extraordinary!  In that play there was a scene where one of the characters (a male) kisses Coriolanus full on the mouth.  Not only did the character (Coriolanus kind of go "Dude, what?" but the characters were like, Eeeeww!) So were we.  LOL.  Half the fandom is little girls.  They went nuts thinking that Tom was gay!  So I got snarky and made this...
Made my day!  Of course he is straight.  No duh.

2.  I got my haircut...that is always a major event as I go with my mom and we usually go to lunch after.  We love our hairdresser too.  She is a character.

3.  We celebrated my nephew's birthday and his girlfriend's.  We don't get to see them very often so it was a special treat.

4.  OMG!  Have you seen The Lego Movie!  It is all kinds of awesome, fun, and funny.  Plus a sweet message.  

5.  I am really struggling with my Science course--it's almost over--but we poke fun at it a lot.  We "play science!"

6.  I invented a new word...."Snarkasm"  it is when you combine SNARK with SARCASM.  I used it quite nicely when I got into a slight altercation on FB.  You can also use STARKASM which is the combination of TONY STARK and SARCASM. 

7.  We went to Wendy's recently for dinner and the guy behind counter was smitten for Kristin.  So much so that he made up several reasons to pass by our table during our time there.  She was clueless.

8.  Ryan kills me.  He is hysterical.  He is also officially British.  (It's because of my boyfriend, Tom.)  Seriously though do not know where it came from but one day we were talking about how much he had grown, and he wanted to know if his best bud would notice if he had grown...his best bud being Emmy's Lucas.  I asked him if he ever noticed when Lucas has grown.  His answer was absolutely brilliant!  "Oh yes, I notice, straight away!"

9.  Kristin and I watched The Avengers and decided half way through to do a hit count on Loki.  It would be funnier and more accurate from the start.  From our starting point we counted 18 hits for Loki.  He really got the snot kicked out of him.

10.    I bought something today....

What made you smile this month?