Thursday, April 12, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments, CTR


In my church, we teach the kids three very important, simple and effective letters.  CTR.  They stand for Choose the Right.  From the time they are 4, they are learning all about CTR.  Of course, we as parents are reinforcing those lessons in the home.

Recently, we have been having a lot of problems with our neighbor children.  Drama has ensued.  It has escalated since Spring Break started.  At one point, I was ready to kick the parents' door in and then kick something else.  I was done.  Luckily, my dinner was ready, and I decided I wasn't going to let their rotten children ruin my holiday.  I let it be.  I enjoyed my holiday with family.  It was nice.  Besides, I am not good with confrontations or the spoken word.

The other day, Ryan wanted to play in their house.  It had been a couple of days since he had actually played with them.  I thought about it.  I talked to him about wrong choices and right choices.  Often times, the oldest of these other children(who is 8) is the instigator of 99% of trouble.  She will get the others (mostly Ryan) to do things that are wrong.  I told Ryan if he knows it is wrong to say he won't do it because it is wrong.  And if that doesn't work, he can always leave.    I let him go.  It was not easy.  He was gone less than 15 minutes before he came tearing home swearing to never go back.  I asked why.  The youngest C, who is almost 5 told Ryan to push his sister S who is 6.  Yeah it is stuff like that. He, of course did not and came right home. I told Ryan he did the right thing.  In less than 2 minutes, C was over telling Ryan he wasn't in trouble and that he could come over again.  I told him that Ryan would be staying home for now, and sent C on his way.    I was proud of Ryan for remembering CTR and for getting out of a bad situation.   I am linking up with Emmymom and Kmama today for Proud Moments!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DWTS Rock Week

I am back.  I really hated missing last week.  I love the show, and really do enjoy doing this.  This week is ROCK week.  And for added effect, KISS was there--and will be again for the results show.  Even the orchestra was in costume.  It was quite amusing to see. 

Sherri and Tristan 1-800-868-3406
This week Sherri is dancing the Tango.  This means she must be fierce.  The funny part is Val has never heard of the group (Quiet Riot) or the song (Come On Feel the Noise.)  This makes it doubly hard.  I don't think this song worked for a Tango and when you are not familiar with the style, especially when you are the teacher well that makes it even harder.  It was good, but was lacking....something.

Len said, "Be still my beating heart!"  He said there was a little incident, but overall it was great.  I missed the incident. 
Bruno said he liked it when she was mean and moody, but she needed her kicks to be sharper.
Carrie Ann said it was good, but that it lacked passion.  She said Sherri was expressionless.  That was it.  She told her next time to bring it.

Carrie Ann:  7

Len: 7
Bruno: 7
Total: 21

Last week, Katherine received two ten's for her Waltz.  Shoot.  I wish I could have seen it!  Now she must dance The Paso Doble.  A polar opposite.  When Mark asked to see her warrior side, she gave a very girly warrior.  So he took her boxing.  Oh man, Mark take me boxing!!!  By the end she was kicking butt.  Their dance was great, and she was definitely in the zone of attack.

Bruno said she was in full on kick ass mode.  He told her she has to be careful not to lose control which can (and did) happen.
Carrie Ann said the intensity was definitely there, but that she just wasn't on her feet.
Len told her there was promise, but that she didn't deliver.  He said that there was so much attack that she lost the artistry.  

Carrie Ann:  8
Len: 8
Bruno: 8
Total: 24

Jaleel and Kym 1-800-3412
They are dancing to Mick Jagger's "Satisfaction" and Jaleel has literally not heard of the man.  He grew up without that kind of music. He was absolutely clueless.  Normally in the Tango--and the Paso the male typically will "death drop" and spiral spin the female.  They switched it up and she death dropped him.  He had a lot of fun with his Tango.  I love to watch him.  He just has fun.

Carrie Ann loved it calling it funky and weird.  She wanted just a bit more "staccato."  (I had to look this up...still don't totally get it--music people....?)
Len said he loved the switch of the spin, but that the dance needed more attack.  He still loved the performance though.
Bruno  loved the performance, but said it needed to be in the whole body not just the face.

Carrie Ann: 8
Len: 7
Bruno: 7
Total: 22

This week is the Paso Doble for Melissa and Maks and he is grilling her.  He is doing it to make her mad.  It works.  She uses that energy exactly the way he wanted.  At the end of the dance she gets to "kill" him.  She said she did it for the 12 before her.  As he lay on the floor "dying" the lighting made it look like his blood was spilling out of him.  It was intense and in my untrained eye, danced very well.  

Len simply said, "I liked it!"  He said she showed confidence and attack despite, "silly old Maks" falling over---dude wait what???  I missed that too!  He said he didn't care because stuff happens.  He added he looks forward to seeing Melissa doing the more lyrical dances.
Bruno said it was hot blooded drama.  He told her at times it seems like she is running to keep up and that she needs to be on top of it.
Carrie Ann said it was her best performance yet.  She just wants to see her as Maks' equal when they are in holds.
Carrie Ann:  7
Len:  8
Bruno: 7
Total:  22
**  Melissa suffered a mild concussion during their performance.  I looked and looked for it.  Still did not see it.  During that death spiral her head hit just below or at Maks' knee causing it buckle slightly.  He was sore and she was taken to the hospital before the show was over.  She was put on rest for today (Tuesday) and will be back.  Of course they made a huge drama out of it.

Since Donald and Peta are dancing the Paso Doble, he wants and needs to get accustomed to wearing a cape.  Peta obliges him and lends him her sweater.  He wears it in good humor and grace.  Their dance was very good.    I really enjoyed it.

Bruno said he had great guns!  And that there was power and pride and just a little bit of humor, "Which always goes well with me!"
Carrie Ann exclaimed, "What the heck did I just see!?  It was raunchy 60's!  Hot damn!"
Len said he never thought he would be excited about another mans bare chest and told Donald they would compare tattoos later.  He said it was the best dance...ever!
Carrie Ann: 9
Len:  9
Bruno:  9
Total: 27
 Gladys and Tristan 1-800-8683411
Gladys was entered into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame ten years ago, and feels it is her duty to do a good job this week with the theme and her Tango.  They Tango to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.  And it's another one that just doesn't work.  Really hard to dance to at all.  Why do they do that?
Carrie Ann called it her most ambitious routine, but that her frame did not come together.
Len commended Tristan for the brilliant choreography and Gladys for coping well with such difficult music.  He told her to work on her posture and that it was otherwise a job well done.
Bruno called it a class act, but also noted it was a very difficult song to work with and that she adapted to it well.
Carrie Ann:  7
Len:  6  (Ouch!)
Bruno:  7
Total: 20
  William and Cheryl 1-800-868-3408
It's another case of not knowing a thing about the artist.  William has never heard of Twisted Sister who they are dancing to for their Jive.  So to help him understand this music, Cheryl brings in Steele Panther who helps William bring out his inner Heavy Metal dude.  It started out so good, and then they went for that fancy move where the male rolls the female between his legs.  Well he missed the beat and messed up and gave it up.  In the process, Cheryl's foot came half way out of her shoe causing both of them to be off for the remainder.

Len said it went wrong and he lost his timing.  "You've got to nail the routine."  He got booed for this.  But come was a major mistake.
Bruno--who totally loves William--said that despite always rocking the house it has got to be sharp and tonight wasn't good.  More booing.  Really?
Carrie Ann said he uplifts the room and people go crazy for him, but he needs to focus on the routine and not the crowd.
Carrie Ann:  7
Len:  7
Bruno: 8
Total:  22  (all very generous)

Roshon 1-800-868-3405
Last week Roshon was excited to pay tribute Michael Jackson with his Samba. This week it is time to prove his ballroom abilities as he dances the Viennese Waltz.  Chelsie keeps calling him "Noodle."  And all I can think of is Dirty Dancing, "Hey Spaghetti arms!"  All Noodle...err Roshon wants is to hear Len say is, "Good job,Dog!"  It was a good job.  A slight wobble on a simple move, but otherwise very good.
Bruno said he was flying so high he could touch the sky.  He went onto say that his movements were very fluid and connected.
Len started with, "Good job, Dog!"  And added he had style and panache.  He wants him to work on his turns now.
Carrie Ann called it sweet much like the ballroom scene in a Disney movie.  She added that of all the MEN he is the best.  That being said, I have googled him, and Roshon is 2o.  Kristin said NO WAY.  Two words:  Ralph Macchio!
 Maria and Derek 1-800-868-3401
Maria is suffering from bruised bones in her right foot, plus a stress fracture.  And yet, she danced through what was clearly a lot of pain.  She didn't always put full weight on that foot, but she and Derek still delivered a stellar Tango.   I actually could see the bruise in some shots.  At the end of the dance, he picked her up and piggy backed her.

Carrie Ann said they had incredible chemistry.
Len said the Tango is a combination of aggression and control and at times she lost control. (could be part of the pain) He noted that she has tops for posture.
Bruno said she had beauty, attitude, and sex appeal by the truck load.  "I don't know what you can do with your foot healed,but that was brilliant!"
Carrie Ann: 9
Len: 8
Bruno: 9
Total: 26

Gavin is excited about this week as he is a musician.  But a dancer?  Not so much.  And the Tango is a tricky dance.  He has improved, but he needs to get serious and fast.

Len said he liked it.  He said it had flair and attitude.  He warned that Gavin was bent too forward at times.
Bruno said he was very determined and focused but told him to watch his shoulders.  "It was like watching a turtle."
Carrie Ann told him he was like Johnny Depp.  So in character.  (Ooh!  Wouldn't you love to see him!?)  She said his posture was strange, but that he did a great job.
Carrie Ann:  8
Len:  8
Bruno:  7
Total: 23

And going home:  Sherri Shepard.  Oh it was so emotional.  I nearly started crying right along with her.  She said, think of thing that scares you the most and reach for it because it's what's on the other side that is so amazing.  (I am paraphrasing but that is pretty much it.) She was overwhelmed with bittersweet tears.  We will totally miss you Sherri and look forward to seeing you again at the finale!

Monday, April 9, 2012


Today I am throwing caution to the wind and I am being both random and asking questions...lots of them. 

How come when the kids are vacation I am just as busy if not more so?  I just haven't had much time for anything.

Why does my son eat and then two minutes later ask for food?

I have been using google to aide me in Draw come I can google just about anything and see scantily clad women?

How come I can smell my perfume and I am not dressed yet?

I am sure I could come up with much more...but I have a dentist appointment.  I hate going to the dentist.  Don't you?