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We Want To Know

Riding on the coattails of my bestie, Emmy, I am posting We Want To Know Wednesday on Thursday.  Why?  Why not?  It's fun, I rarely post and it's always a pleasant surprise to hear from yours truly!  :D  The link up is with Kenzie and Scriptor.

1.  Were you athletic as a child? Uh yeah you could say that!  I roller skated every chance I got.  I did fancy tricks, went to the rink every week.  Only broke my arms once.  But I did them at the same time!!! HA!  I have a picture...somewhere.  I also climbed trees, rode my bike, and played softball.  I was a power hitter.
2.  Did you play organized sports?  Only in the sense that I played softball with church.  We were undefeated two years in a row.  Then all the wimpy girls came in..."Oh I broke a nail!"  Girl, please before your wimpy butt came in we had a player with NAILS!  She rocked this game!
3.  Would you rather exercise or diet?  I guess exercise.  I like food way too much.  But if you eat in moderation, and make h…