Thursday, October 17, 2013

We Want To Know

Riding on the coattails of my bestie, Emmy, I am posting We Want To Know Wednesday on Thursday.  Why?  Why not?  It's fun, I rarely post and it's always a pleasant surprise to hear from yours truly!  :D  The link up is with Kenzie and Scriptor.

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1.  Were you athletic as a child? Uh yeah you could say that!  I roller skated every chance I got.  I did fancy tricks, went to the rink every week.  Only broke my arms once.  But I did them at the same time!!! HA!  I have a picture...somewhere.  I also climbed trees, rode my bike, and played softball.  I was a power hitter.

2.  Did you play organized sports?  Only in the sense that I played softball with church.  We were undefeated two years in a row.  Then all the wimpy girls came in..."Oh I broke a nail!"  Girl, please before your wimpy butt came in we had a player with NAILS!  She rocked this game!

3.  Would you rather exercise or diet?  I guess exercise.  I like food way too much.  But if you eat in moderation, and make healthy choices there is really nothing you can't have.

4.  What do you do for exercise now?  HAHAHAHAHA.  Oh wait?  You're serious.  Nothing.  I need to move.  Unnnhhh.  There.

5.  If you didn't have to worry about calories or fat, what food would eat ad nauseum?  That is a loaded question.  However, I think I would gorge on all things chocolate.

How would you answer these questions???