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DWTS--Motown Night

It is Motown Night, and Smoky Robinson, Martha Reid, and The Temptations are guesting for them.  Is it just because they have never done it before or is because Gladys Knight is on this season.  Whatever.  Not only will they be dancing to Motown, they will be dancing a dance marathon tonight.
Gladys and Tristan 1-800-868-3411
First up, none other than:  Gladys and Tristan dancing a Rumba to "My Girl."  She loves this song, and Tristan gets a musical history lesson from Gladys.  Now this would be fun.  Oh the stories she could tell!  Their Rumba is very nice and clean.  Not exactly Rumba material.  But it is a good clean dance.  And she shines.

Len said that if it came purely from his heart she would be at the top of leader board. He went onto say that she was not the best dancer, but that she was the most charismatic dancer.  Appealing.
Bruno said when it comes to her she has undeniable star quality. He told her Motown details were spot on, but that he likes his Rumba's…

Barking Spiders

Someone snuck into my room in the night, and turned on my cranky switch.  Not only that, they hid it.  Who does that?  I tell ya, heads are gonna roll.

I love to watch The Chew on ABC.  I am not sure what I enjoy more.  Watching the food prep, or the hosts get very excited about what they are eating.   Either way, I enjoy the show.

Every woman cuts herself shaving.  It's a fact.  Maybe not every time.  But we do.  The last time I shaved, I cut my fingernail....yep.  My fingernail.  I know.  I think I was using my other hand as a guide line.  And then I took a chunk of nail in the process.  It sure bled a lot.  But seriously...who in the world has ever cut off part of their fingernail while shaving??

I found a cheat--one of many-- for Draw Something to help when you can't figure out a drawing, have no bombs or have used up the bomb. 

Have you ever heard of barking spiders?  They are a strange anomaly.  When I heard one, and asked Emily and Ryan if they heard it too they got a…

And then what happened...?

As you know, I am having trouble loving my neighbors.  I want you all to know, that I am trying. 

I went and spoke with the guardians of the boys who were also involved with the smashing of the Christmas lights.  It turns out they are being raised by their grandparents.  That would be a rough gig.  They are not old grandparents but they are older than I am.  These boys are 7 and 9.  It was a completely different feel when I went to that house.  It was one of shock and horror at first.  And then a total assurance that an apology would be made.  I almost felt bad.  Almost.  I mean they did do something wrong after all.

The grandfather brought them to me and had them apologize for what they did.  I asked them what happened.  They told me they had smashed the lights.  They lowered their heads in shame.   I thanked them for telling me.  It was just a totally different feel.  Grandpa apologized too.  He said he would replace the lights and wished we could have met under better circumstances…