Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Barking Spiders

Someone snuck into my room in the night, and turned on my cranky switch.  Not only that, they hid it.  Who does that?  I tell ya, heads are gonna roll.

I love to watch The Chew on ABC.  I am not sure what I enjoy more.  Watching the food prep, or the hosts get very excited about what they are eating.   Either way, I enjoy the show.

Every woman cuts herself shaving.  It's a fact.  Maybe not every time.  But we do.  The last time I shaved, I cut my fingernail....yep.  My fingernail.  I know.  I think I was using my other hand as a guide line.  And then I took a chunk of nail in the process.  It sure bled a lot.  But seriously...who in the world has ever cut off part of their fingernail while shaving??

I found a cheat--one of many-- for Draw Something to help when you can't figure out a drawing, have no bombs or have used up the bomb. 

Have you ever heard of barking spiders?  They are a strange anomaly.  When I heard one, and asked Emily and Ryan if they heard it too they got a little spooked and tried to frantically seek it out.  It was then that I assured them there is actually no such thing as a barking spider.  I farted.  And now you will start calling them barking spiders too.


Rachel said...

Believe it or not, I've cut my fingernail shaving before too. . . maybe it runs in the family. lol!

Amy said...

Yeah, you aren't special. I've cut my finger nail shaving as well. So not fun.
Barking spider? So funny! What a prank to play on your kids.

Emmy said...

Well others have obviously cut their fingers- but me nope never have was beginning to think it was just you ;)

So funny they were looking for the barking spider! Hehe

Nadine Hightower said...

while shaving my armpits... or arm flats... too much fat to be pits... but I have shaved part of finger nail.

Nicole said...

I have nicked my finger nail before with a razor. I felt like an idiot :). I also felt like an idiot when I cut my leg right before my friends wedding and her aunt went around telling everyone I was hiding a tattoo with a bandaid.

And we used to say there were bugs in the ceiling when someone farted.

becca said...

i watched The Chew for the first time today it was so much fun

Impulsive Addict said...

YOU CUT YOUR FINGER? Oh my! I've cut lots of things but never my finger with a razor. I have cut my thumb several times with a knife. I'm not very good at cutting up veggies. HA!

My new fav game is Scramble. I'm over Draw Something for right now. My addictions come and go.

Thanks for linking up!

mormonhermitmom said...

My kids don't blame barking spiders, they blame their dad. Mostly because he's the worst of all of us.