Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ten Things That Made Me Smile: May

Emmy Mom

It is time to reflect on what made me smile in the month of May, so I am linking up with my bestie Emmy to tell you all about it.  Ready?  Here we go.

1.  Free Comic Book Day because we dressed up and had fun...

2.  We did Relay For Life on that same day...part of it in costume...part of it as normal human beings.

Those Firemen though!

3.   There were several kids little and not so little who wanted hugs and pictures with Kristin and Emily on Free Comic Book Day.  I am shooting for dressing them as Queen Elsa (Kristin) and Ana(Emily) for Halloween.  OMG how cute would they be???  And they would be followed by all the little girls!!  Soooo cute.  Me?  Ummm....Marshmallow the big mean snowman.  Hahaha.

4.  I get some of the strangest followers for things I tweet?  So, come on Tom Hiddleston...follow me already!  Seriously though, I have DisneyFrozen following me, KidsTalent, A life coach, just to name a few.  

5.  We saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier....twice.  Oh you need to see this....
Because Chris Evans...

6.  Kristin participated in "Night of Incredible Scenes."  She directed one from Big Bang Theory.  She was Penny.  She had an absolute blast doing it.  And yes, it totally made me smile.

The cutest reincarnation of George Washington ever to be this on planet.  All of third grade did a "Living Wax Museum" and he was George Washington.  No wig...though I could have used corn starch.  I used that once for a performance! Hahaha.

Mother's Day  I was Queen for a day.

9.  And speaking of Mother's Day...they made a cute video(at church) with all the children.  Two things Ryan said that made me laugh extra hard:  What does your Mom do that is funny(I think that was the question) Ryan said:  When we watch The Avengers, of we play tricks on each other that means you are "Loki-fied"  (This is actually his word) hahaha.  The other question:  If you had a million dollars what would you buy for your Mom?  His answer:  A red mustang.  My boy!  hahaha.

Because it's cute. (Because he is)

We went to Mulligan's yesterday and had lots of fun!