Friday, October 23, 2009

What Motherhood Means To Mean

Mama Kat over at Mama's Losin' It, has given another writing prompt. I chose "What Motherhood Means to You"

When I was 19, I was never going to have children. However, on the very OFF chance that I did, I was not going to stay at home, no sir. That would be my husband's job. I would be the bread winner of the family. What? I was 19. Growing up the thought of having children never actually occurred to me. I was too busy climbing trees, roller skating and riding my bike to worry about all that junk. Then I got married. I certainly wasn't planning on that anytime soon either. I was working. Having kids wasn't foremost in my mind. We had friends in our ward that were married couples our age. I think maybe one couple at the time had a baby. Then pretty soon the next couple got pregnant.

For the first time, I felt something I hadn't before. I felt a desire towards having a baby. It may have been the novelty of being pregnant. Let's face it, you get a lot of attention in those nine months. Something happens to people when they see a pregnant woman. It's an amazing process. When I finally decided to jump on the baby band wagon, I had sugary visions of what life would be like. Of course I wouldn't work. That was a given. The baby would be a chubby cherub sent from heaven above. She would coo and a smile. We would go for walks and she would kick her feet happily.

On September 23, 1997 I had the first of many major reality checks. First one was that she was not at all a chubby pink cherub. More like a long, skinny, wrinkly, squawking "baby." And that baby was colicky!

So what does motherhood mean to me? It means everything you think it is. It means joy, walks in the parks, and fun games with happy faces. It also means sorrow, temper tantrums, time of illness and hurt feelings. It means hugs and kisses. It means wiping snotty noses and dirty fannies. It is the toughest job there is. It can be matched by no other. What does motherhood mean to me? It means the world to me. It means the world to me because my children do. And without my children I would not be a mother.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Not Random Friday

I am going to borrow from Rachel Sue today. If you read her blog, you know that every Friday is "Random Friday." I love her "Random Fridays." Well today was one of my busy crazy days and my poor weak brain is filled with clutter that I have absolutely no idea what to do with. So I thought I would just post all my thoughts here and kind declutter my brain.

Have you ever been in a doctor's office where there is a clock in the exam room? Is this a secret ploy they all have so that you don't know how long you have been waiting your turn. Do you go through the drawers to pass the time?

Dear Wally Customer:

It's okay that my son sneezed 4 feet away from you. I am quite certain it was simply dust that caused the little 2 or 3 sneeze attack. He is not down with H1N1. And if he were, why on earth would I have him in a public place? If you are that paranoid, I suggest you get the vaccine and wear a mask.

House elves do not exist. No matter what my family thinks, no little elves come in and clean and do laundry while I recline lazily on the couch.

Why are Young Women's and Activity Days on the same day? And how come I didn't get a heads up that they needed to be there sooner than usual?

How can I loose weight when candy keeps jumping into my cart each time I go shopping? It's the weirdest thing.

Why do 4 year old children always ask why?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photo Shoot

My birthday was almost two months ago. I got a lot of good stuff. It's always nice to feel the love! One of my gifts was a photo shoot of my family by none other than Emmy. Not only did she do the shoot, but she has also offered to print one(11x14) or 2 8x10's. The hard part is deciding which one. She took over 100 pictures. Don't you love the digital age?? I know I do. Anyway, here are just a few of my favorites.
My Emily, Ryan, Kristin, Rich and Yours Truly
The Boy
Photo Shop is sooo cool. I was actually in this picture trying to scoot away.
He looks sweet and innocent!
All I can do is laugh! hahaha.
My Girls
Can you spot the future celebrity?
Me and the girls
Ryan didn't want to do this one. So I picked him up and faked him out. Mean Mommy!
Deep thought
Yeah...just a few! There is much more. She did a fabulous job.

I am taking on Emmy's new writing challenge...How did they meet. My story is kind of one in a million. I tell young single girls this is not how I recommend meeting a man. It could work out, but might not. So our story started like this....

There was a story, of a lovely lady....wait that was another story. Come to think of it, you never knew how they met, you just new that they did. Oh well. Here is our story...

It was end of Spring semester at the community college. I can only remember two of the courses I was taking. An English class with emphasis on critical thinking, and a biology class. I was also working about 20-25 hours a week at Michael's, which meant I had stretched myself pretty thin. I was finally awarded with a day off. It was Memorial weekend and I got Sunday off. Did I choose to worship this day? Why yes. I chose to worship the sun. My friend and I went to the beach. My mom must have been home that day because it would have been her car I drove. Funny how that part escapes me. My friend and I had fun and headed for home in the afternoon. I had promised her that we would go to the new country bar, Denim and Diamonds. I wanted to learn line dancing. The best thing about it, no need for a partner. I really didn't want to go, but I did promise....

Rich was in his 6th year of the Coast Guard. He was stationed on The Chase as a second class "radioman." Being in the Coast Guard meant he had overnight duty every --I believe--3 or 4 days. His schedule was weird and that was a long time ago. He had Sunday off as well. His first day off after a string of watches. He was wanting to go home and sleep. However, that was not going to be on his agenda either. He had made a promise to his room mate that they would go and check out that new country bar.

I dreaded going. I was wiped out. And much to my chagrin, I noticed as I showered, that I had managed to bake myself at the beach. I chose a demin mini skirt, long sleeve shirt with fringe--all the rage, and three inch high heel boots. Yup, three inches. For any of you who don't know, I stand at six feet tall. So me with heels is a little redundant. A promise is a promise...and I delivered.

I sat at my chosen bar stool and watched the people dancing. I noticed a guy sitting at the bar across from my friend and I. I quickly and correctly assessed that he would be too short for me. My friend saw him almost exactly at the same time as I did. "You should dance with him."she urged. "He's too short." She danced with him. I was right. Too short. He was barely her height and she is 5'8". I had a few guys ask me to dance. I politely refused. I just wasn't into dancing with men I didn't know. Dancing to me, is too intimate for strangers. I was content to sit and watch. I loved the music. Garth Brooks changed the sound and look of country.

After a while guy # whatever asked me dance. Again I gave my polite no thank you. My friend was getting more frustrated with me. Why? I wasn't into finding a man. In fact, I was a woman scorned and I hated them anyway. She wasn't going to have it. "I am not letting you leave this bar without dancing with at least one guy." She went on, "Dance with him. He looks nice!!" Meanwhile, this guy is standing there looking annoyingly amused by our back and forth of "yes" and "no." Finally I cave. I decided once I pulled myself up to my full and enhanced height Mr. Happy would realize he chose an Amazon, dance with me and leave me alone. I reached my full height and realized I was still shorter than him! Dang! Begrudgingly, yes begrudgingly I danced with him. I realized quickly, his own height was furnished with his cowboy boots and his hat. What is it about a man in a cowboy hat anyway??? After the song ended, we went our separate ways. Fine with me. I danced. Poof be gone. Yep, I was that cold.

A few songs later, Mr. Happy Cowboy Man was back. He wanted another dance. I decided it wasn't so awful, so I obliged. His name was Rich and I learned he was in the Coast Guard. The what? We went our separate ways. Next time, I actually smiled when I saw him come my way. So we danced again. And this time, I watched where he went. The next time we danced, we didn't go our separate ways. We stayed together. It was then that I learned that his friend was with him, the very same person I thought was too short for me and had been dancing with my friend. No, they didn't end up married, but stayed friends. The four of us hung out and closed the place down. Then we moved on to Carrows. Hey it's open 24/7.

Eventually I had to be the party pooper. I was using my mother's car and she needed it for just a couple of hours. I returned home with Rich's number and a kiss good night(I'm such a bad girl!) around....4AM. My mom was scheduled to get up just 30 minutes later. Hey I brought the car back. Not an ounce of alcohol in my system. Never been something of interest to me. Just had a good time. I think I slept most of the next day, and called Rich that afternoon. he promptly asked me out for the next night. I accepted. We have been together ever since. We are a lot of alike in many ways, and we can be worlds apart in others. That is good tho. It keeps it interesting. Was it love at first sight? He would tell you it was for him. I would tell you that I needed time to trust. He treated me good. Still does.

I was inactive from church at the time. He was non practicing Catholic. I believe we were brought together to bring us both back to church. He had questions, and I couldn't answer them--it had been too long. I got to learn all over again. Two years after we met, he was baptized. We had been married less than a year at that point. Two years on the exact same date of our original wedding day, we were sealed in the San Diego Temple. We just celebrated #16 this year.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Me? Really???

I have received my first official blog award!! The Loyal Dragon Award for faithfully commenting on blogs I follow. This award was given to me by Emmy. A good friend and just so happens to be my cousin-in-law. She and my cousin moved here last almost a year!! And our sons became fast friends. I am happy to say that their mothers became fast friends as well.

Now comes the fun part. I am supposed to pass this award on to fellow bloggers who faithfully comment on my blog. The envelope please....

1. A Hermit Mom's Cave. She visits my blog all the time and makes me laugh, and much like her comments here, her blog makes me laugh too.

2. My good friend from high school Silfert. She moved away to Kansas of all places just 6 months after we met. Despite that, we kept in touch over the years.

3. I know Emmy chose her, but I am going to as well. Rachel Sue. Love her comments and love her blog!

4. Even tho she doesn't have a blog of her own...we will get her...I am awarding my mom also. Carolynn.

And the recipients of the award now must:

1) If you have a blog, post it on your blog with a link back to the site who gave it to you.
2) Leave them a comment on their site, email, etc. to let them know.
3) If you don't have a blog but have a website, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or other type account, post there with a link back.
4) Pass this on to 3-10 loyal fans.

I am excited to be thought of as a Loyal Fan. And I have to say thank you to Emmy for picking me and for inspiring me to keep my going strong.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


This video is from the 2003 Barbershop International Convention. After all the competition the top choruses and quartets get to perform in an "exhibition" style show. In addition to this show the was a special performance by The Voices of Lee. In it, they sang "All Rise." It is amazing. I didn't see it in person, but I guarantee that you don't have to in order to fill the amazing it spirit it brings.