Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photo Shoot

My birthday was almost two months ago. I got a lot of good stuff. It's always nice to feel the love! One of my gifts was a photo shoot of my family by none other than Emmy. Not only did she do the shoot, but she has also offered to print one(11x14) or 2 8x10's. The hard part is deciding which one. She took over 100 pictures. Don't you love the digital age?? I know I do. Anyway, here are just a few of my favorites.
My Emily, Ryan, Kristin, Rich and Yours Truly
The Boy
Photo Shop is sooo cool. I was actually in this picture trying to scoot away.
He looks sweet and innocent!
All I can do is laugh! hahaha.
My Girls
Can you spot the future celebrity?
Me and the girls
Ryan didn't want to do this one. So I picked him up and faked him out. Mean Mommy!
Deep thought
Yeah...just a few! There is much more. She did a fabulous job.


Emmy said...

Thanks, and good luck deciding :)

Mamma Christine said...

Such a beautiful family! It looks like a lot of fun. Something about those last two really grab my attention (in addition to the B&W ;)

KK said...

Cute pics!

mormonhermitmom said...

I love the one where the boy is getting kissed.

Rachel Sue said...

She did a great job. And I have to say, I love that last one. (I have a small love affair with candids.)