Thursday, June 28, 2012

Twelve Years Ago...

I remember my then Relief Society President asking me when to schedule the baby shower.  It was my second baby.  I honestly didn't expect one.  She asked if June 28th would be too close to my due date.  I shrugged and said that it would be fine.  I went all the way to my due date with Kristin, so it should be fine.  So that was the day we both agreed on.

June 27th, 2000, I went to book club and discussed the book of the month.  I really don't remember the book.  I remember having some hearty Braxton Hicks contractions, but nothing that would send me flying to the hospital, though that was joked about.  "No," I assured them.  "It's just practice."  I went home later, tired and not wanting to do those dishes that waited for me.  Stupid dishes.  I did them.  And went to bed.  I was awaken more than once by very real and hearty contractions.  The kind that make you stop and hold your breath.  Then somewhere around 2 or 3 in the morning it happened my water broke.  Emily was coming today, instead of in 4 weeks.  She needed to be born.  Her cord was wrapped around her neck twice.  She wasn't breathing.  Her little purple body was limp against mine.  They quickly scooped her up, and began their work.  It was quiet and calm.  Nothing like ER(then still on the air) where the docs shout out orders, and the nurses are grabbing this and that.  It was more like a pleasant conversation.  It felt like forever.  Why wasn't she crying?  And then I heard her.  She fussed. And fussed more.  And then I saw her.  She was pink and lovely.  Sticking her little tongue out to taste the air around her.

Emily 5pounds 12 ounces

She is quiet, but fierce.
She is also silly and fun
She loves the beauty that is all around her
I can't believe it was 12 years ago that she came into our lives.  Happy Birthday Miss Em!  We love you!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Life is a Lifetime Movie

I don't need to watch Lifetime movies, because my life is one.  I had a bad week  last week.  It was one drama after another.  And each one is on going.

Where do I begin?  How about with my neighbors.  Neighbors who seem to have nothing better do with their time but to put me on their personal watch.
It has caused some major drama for me.  And I am not sure it is over.  All I can say right now is, if your life is so boring, read a dang book and leave me and my family the #$&* alone.  If I was Samantha Stephens you would be a turd in the yard.

My sister had an angiogram on Tuesday.  Luckily she did not require a stint.  She did however, develop a clot in the artery they used to go into.  She is fine now, but was told not lift anything heavier than a milk jug.

My niece is her own movie as well.  And since this is my blog and not hers, I will leave her story out.  It was a crap week.  I am trying to be the better person.  I even let my son play with the neighbor's kids.  And when I went to make small chat, it felt like the neighbor was pumping me for information.  Like I said, read a book already.  It must be nice to have a such a dull life!  I wouldn't know though, because as I said, I am a Lifetime Movie!

I am linking up with Shell today, and her Pour Your Heart Out!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten Things To Smile About--June

It's time to look back and see what has made me smile this month.  And right now, I need it!!!  Thanks Emmy for coming up with this Meme.  We all need to look back at the simple things that make us smile.

1.  School is over!!!  Sure summer is a challenge, but I like the lack of homework, morning rush, and crazy schedules!

2.  Sand Angels

4.  The grandest nephew there is

5.  When I tweeted this:  Atten:  Teenage Boys:  I now carry a large heavy bat and am no longer opposed to the NRA.  (this was after I found out another young man has an interest in my daughter.  Please!

6.  A few days later as a joke, or was it, I liked guns on FaceBook.  People must question my sanity...especially those teenage boys!

7.  Celebrating Emily's birthday

8.  When I picked up my meds at the pharmacy, it was entertaining to watch Ryan play with the cars and tanks, yes tanks and build an army.

9.  Father's Day  and a special dinner for Rich

10.  The Big Bang that show cracks me up.