Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten Things To Smile About--June

It's time to look back and see what has made me smile this month.  And right now, I need it!!!  Thanks Emmy for coming up with this Meme.  We all need to look back at the simple things that make us smile.

1.  School is over!!!  Sure summer is a challenge, but I like the lack of homework, morning rush, and crazy schedules!

2.  Sand Angels

4.  The grandest nephew there is

5.  When I tweeted this:  Atten:  Teenage Boys:  I now carry a large heavy bat and am no longer opposed to the NRA.  (this was after I found out another young man has an interest in my daughter.  Please!

6.  A few days later as a joke, or was it, I liked guns on FaceBook.  People must question my sanity...especially those teenage boys!

7.  Celebrating Emily's birthday

8.  When I picked up my meds at the pharmacy, it was entertaining to watch Ryan play with the cars and tanks, yes tanks and build an army.

9.  Father's Day  and a special dinner for Rich

10.  The Big Bang Theory...man that show cracks me up.


MiMi said...

Everyone loves the Big Bang Theory. I'm gonna have to check it out.

Emmy said...

Great list!! And yes when teenage boys come around it can change your opinion about many things :) And yes the no homework and easy morning are really so nice. I am still totally loving summer.
Thanks so much for always linking up :)

Christina Lee said...

I agree about the relaxed schedule in the summer.

BACK OFF BOYS, she means business!

becca said...

i finally started watching it from the beginning and i love it Sheldon rocks

Nicole said...

Sand angels, very cool! And My dad once met my aunt's boyfriend at the door with a shot gun in hand (cleaning it I think) a Doberman on one side and a German Shepherd on the other... LOL. She actually married him. :)