Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Epic Battles

It was an epic battle that began innocently enough.  Her own mother delivered the first blow.  She never saw it coming.  It was just a small cup of water, but the message was clear.  The water streamed from her hair and down her back.  It was cold.  Her little brother lit up with glee as he quickly filled his own small cup and threw the water at her.  She was under attack.  And then before she knew it, he did it.  He got her too.  She grabbed a cup and quickly filled it, but her mother had already soaked him.   Laughter ensued, it was short lived however, when they were caught in the crossfire of a full water assault.  Her own mother left the battle field and watched from a safe distance. 

Her brother continued his assault on her.  Her sister was MIA.  It didn't matter, she had to fight back.  She got a water gun.  It was a good one too.  Long range with a heavy flow.  She got him.  Alas, it was short lived as he quickly snatched the weapon and turned it on her.  Mother sat laughing and shaking her head. 

The battle ensued, neither gave up.  War can be an ugly thing.  The weapon in question went missing, but that never stopped them.  The cups were filled and water flew.  She would aim, but he was slightly faster and he would hit the cup at just the right moment so it would backfire.  Mother gave her some advise, "Just act like you are going to get him, but then drink it."  The advise was taken.  Water was still in the cup, the same move was executed and again water hit her.  Little did he know, she had a mouthful of revenge.

In a final act of victory, a cooler filled with water was lifted high above her and dumped.  The game was not over, he was made to carry the soggy girl by way of piggy back to the car.  We are not sure who won or lost the battle this day, but we are sure fun was had by all.

 Get your game face on!


Emmy said...

Love it! And oh sounds like a dangerous war :)

Yes you have to be strategic in war.

MiMi said...

Hahahahaahaaa!! That's cute.

Colleen said...

Ha! Love it. Sounds like a blast. Great spin!

mormonhermitmom said...

Fun! Except we had cooler than normal temps and the thought of getting wet was too much. But ooh just wait.

Nicole said...

hahaha nice!