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Review Extravaganza Winner!!!

It's a New Year and the 2012 Review Extravaganza is all done!  It really does amaze me how quickly time goes.  I truly regret not being to get each and every one!  But, as I stated...this year I will be a better blogger and friend.

I first want to give a big big thanks to my wonderful co-hosts.  Emmy thought up this idea 3 years ago now and there have always been wonderful ladies willing to play along with her...and  So here one more time are all of the co-hosts.  I highly recommend following all of them as they truly are great!

Emmy Mom
Lourie- CA Girl
MiMi- Living in France
Nicole- Life's a Beach

Mrs. Match- Date Girl Diaries

Janette-Johanson Journey
And this year was made even more fun with the wonderful sponsors who were willing to support us.  Please go by their sites and help us thank them and see the amazing things they have to offer as us hosts personally picked each of these sponsors as they are sites we love. The Sponsors and PrizesSur Le Feu- Vintage Inspired H…