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Broken Nose

Having a boy is a whole world of different. So different that I don't believe one can fully appreciate the difference unless they have the other side of the coin to compare with it. My girls were and still are girly girls. They each would try stuff--still do--but proceeded with caution. Not all girls are like this. My girls also were far more gentle in their play. And their play in general was just different.

Ryan from the start was all boy. Whatever that means. When he was barely mobile he already began pushing toys like they were a car. He was very curious and very active. At 15 months, he was riding on a little rider toy inside. My guess is it was still sub zero temps outside, plus we had all linoleum floor. Gotta love military housing. He was pushing along having a good old time when suddenly he flipped over. It made a sickening smack. He of course screamed. I looked at him, no blood, no bumps, nothing. Hmmm. Must have just been scary for him. I got him settl…

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I received this award a couple of days ago from a new follower, Holly at 504 Main. We met through Mama Kat and her Thursday writing prompts. This is truly a warm fuzzy award. You give it to the bloggy friend who leaves you feeling all "warm and fuzzy" inside. And isn't this the best time of year to bestow this sweet gift. So it is now my turn to pass on the warm fuzzy feeling.

My first one goes to my sweet daughter, Kristin. Her blog is a treasure and definitely gives me those warm fuzzy feelings.

My cousin Rachel at The Rachel Way. Yeah, she is my cousin, but she is the very definition of "warm fuzzy"

CJ at Simply Simonsons. She is a sweet lady and I enjoy her cyber firendship

Molly from As Told By Molly. I love her stories about her family.

Now the rules are these:

-Display the award logo
-Nominate up to 9 blogs that make you feel comfy or warm inside
-Link to your Nominees and leave a comment on their blog telling them about the award.
-Link to the person …

More Turkeys

Last Thursday I went to Emmy's house to participate in her Time for Tots. Of course Ryan didn't make his turkey, I did. And then later he asked me where his turkey was. I asked, "What turkey?" "The one I made." "The one WHO made???"

When my oldest daughter saw these treasures she wanted to make one as well. I told her we would this week since they are off all week. Spoiled spoiled is all I can say. And don't even get me started about the three weeks they get at Christmas.

Today we made an unscheduled trip to Wally--if you are new to my blog Wednesday is Wal-Mart day--but we needed some supplies before then and I am absolutely doing everything in my power to stay out of stores, at least til Black Friday. So from the time we got home, at lunch, my daughter was chomping at the bit to get going on this turkey project. I gave her a time we would start. I really wanted to eat my lunch and sit for a minute. Crazy, right?

Finally we got start…

Black Friday

Now this is just too funny. I had this all planned out to publish either tomorrow or even Tuesday. But in my haste and Sunday fog, I selected publish rather than save therefore I published a link to an article I had an opinion about. Not that my opinion means anything, it's just my two cents. Call it a blond moment. I sure do.

When I saw this article I thought, "Hmmmm, I wonder what the big 'secret' is." Like maybe there was a certain way to play it smart(I have my own opinion of that--surprise!) so I read the article. And to my surprise, I wasn't surprised at all. This is not news worthy and it is hardly worth mentioning. I have worked retail my whole working life. I am not a big fan of it, and I always try to be courteous to my checker. Let's face it, that job is not an easy one. There are some rude and mean people out there, and when comes to spending money--especially in today's economy--they are not too happy to part with it. Even wh…