Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Turkeys

Last Thursday I went to Emmy's house to participate in her Time for Tots. Of course Ryan didn't make his turkey, I did. And then later he asked me where his turkey was. I asked, "What turkey?" "The one I made." "The one WHO made???"

When my oldest daughter saw these treasures she wanted to make one as well. I told her we would this week since they are off all week. Spoiled spoiled is all I can say. And don't even get me started about the three weeks they get at Christmas.

Today we made an unscheduled trip to Wally--if you are new to my blog Wednesday is Wal-Mart day--but we needed some supplies before then and I am absolutely doing everything in my power to stay out of stores, at least til Black Friday. So from the time we got home, at lunch, my daughter was chomping at the bit to get going on this turkey project. I gave her a time we would start. I really wanted to eat my lunch and sit for a minute. Crazy, right?

Finally we got started,and this time Ryan participated. Emmy used spray paint for our turkeys. Well, since I couldn't find the spray paint--our Wally has recently been remodeled and rearranged!--and I didn't want to spend forever trying to find it, I bought some folk art and sponge brushes. It worked great. And they dried in about an hour and a half. I had to blow one dry with my hair dryer because they were tired of waiting. Haha. I used the highest and warmest setting, then switched to coolest. They had lots of fun and now we have a total of six turkeys!
A Very Serious Business...Nah, she's not happy about this.
Gobble GobbleEye See you!
We decided to add feet to our turkeys. *note to self: when hot glue sticks to the finger it burns...a lot.*
And here is our happy turkey family!


Emmy said...

So cute!! Love the addition of feet. What a great idea!
And yes hot glue does hurt

KK said...

I burnt my finger on the hot glue gun once...and threw it away! I just don't need that in my life :) The turkeys are so fun!

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, you will never believe how ridiculous I am. I had a specific post of yours saved in my favorites and not your actual blog. I would check it every day and wonder why you never updated it! Aaaag! I've missed so much. Thanks for always commenting on my blog even though I've been in la la land. haha

Your turkeys are very cute btw!