Friday, August 12, 2011

So It Was Like This...

It's Friday baby, and I am confessing.  I need to.  I have been up to no good.  It's why I gained weight this past week!  But in my defense, it was a stressful week.   So I am unloading, and starting anew.

I confess....

Usually when the school year begins I am totally feeling like this...

But this year, I just wasn't feeling the joy.  I couldn't understand it.  I mean come on!!!  All three in school...ALLL day.  Talk about the most wonderful time of year.  And yet, after I dropped off Emily, I suddenly felt a strange emotion.  It wasn't elation.  Relief.  It was sadness.  What?  Where's the happy dance?  Where's the heel clicking?  Maybe it is because for the first time ever I didn't get a picture of all three of them on the first day of school. Kristin starts an hour and a half before the other two.  Maybe it is because they are no longer looking so little...well...Ryan maybe.

6th Grade....looking all that and more.  Look out middle school here she comes.
Minus one...the group shot.

Like her shirt says, OMG!!!
 At least he is still somewhat little!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments...Why Yes They Are Mine!

I am participating in Proud Mommy Moments with Emmy and Kmama.

As I thought about this post, I had a hard time deciding what I would brag post about.  You see, it's been a rather crazy week in the CA home.  What with all the drama surrounding Little Middles schooling.  If you missed that post, you can catch it here.  And there was the whole event of registering my teenager for high school.  During all of that drudgery, my kids were obedient, they didn't fight, there were no fits, no cries of boredom, they simply went on with me.  And it was never a few minutes here and there.  It was always long and usually hot.  And they did it with out grumbling.

Today is the first day of school.  It's strange because, one is already there.  The teenager.  She starts high school today.  And they start before 8.  She was up at 5:30.  I am guessing she was.  I was still asleep.  I woke up praying she was up and ready and not still passed out.  She was up, dressed and raring to go.  Will this be true next week when Seminary (Bible Study) starts?  I do not know.  All I know is, it's been a fantastic morning.  No squabbling, no rushing.  I know every morning won't be this way, but this morning has been this way.  I don't have pictures yet, as I haven't finished taking them...maybe tomorrow.  I am a proud Mama today.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Boomerang...

There is a ride at Knott's Berry Farm called the Boomerang.  Follow the link to see it in action if you want.  (It wouldn't let me embed.)  I feel like I have been stuck on a boomerang like ride since about April.  At one point a rider says, "Which way are we going?"

In April, during an IEP meeting for my middle, I was informed that another local elementary would be offering a 6th grade program for the 2011-2012 school year.  Out here, 6th grade is grouped into the middle school.  I am scared to death and worried about her success.  It's a jungle in there.  At my interest, I quickly put her name in.  And let the ride begin:  Keep your hands and arms in at all times and enjoy your ride.  Riders, prepare to launch!

May:  I was told she was in the program!  Yippee!  Except...she really wasn't.  So got put on the waiting list.  And if anyone back out, she was first on the list.  I was called the first week in June.  She was in!  This time for real.  I just needed to go to the district office to get an inter-district transfer.  No problem.  After all it was just a formality.  It must be.  I was instructed to go to the 6th grade orientation.  That's an hour of my life I will never get back!  *Ahem*  So I turned in the paper work and the lady at the district office thought I was nuts/stupid or both.  I mean I must be...why else would I be putting my 6th grader into an elementary school??  How can you work for the district and not know one of the schools is doing a 6th grade program???  Ahem.  I turned in the necessary request, still getting the vibe that I was the stupid one and that I should have turned in the request in February.  Pretty amazing considering I didn't know the program existed until APRIL!  I digress.  About a week later I got a notice that she was denied from the program because it was impacted.  What the what? I was just mad.  I was told she was in.  In retrospect I should have called someone but I simply did not know what to do and she was set up for the middle school in case things fell through.

I began receiving emails for the middle school and no longer for the elementary school and decided it was for the best.  Things felt good that way.  She expressed to me that she wanted to be with her friends anyway.  Good for her for opening up to me!  Life was good.  Well that was because we were in the pause of the ride.

In the last week we have been stuck on the roller coaster.  Not allowed to get off of it.  I received an email from the middle school July 27 that informed registration was coming the following week, but no further contact was made and I had no idea when to take her.  Then while looking at their website, I learned I had missed it.  So I took her the next the day, only to discover that she was not in their system but in the elementary schools.  Fine whatever.  Let's just get this over with.  But Later.  I am done.

By the time we go to the elementary school with all the necessary paper work signed and ready, school is just 3 days away.  She is in the system but the inter-district transfer still stands.  I suggest faxing the request.  She takes it one step further and takes it to the principal to find out exactly what is going on.  He makes some calls. 

Emily has an IEP which where the problem is.  This is where the impaction is and they do not have room.  And the middle school is just saying she is not their system.  Well if you ask me, a student means money.  Correct me if I am wrong.  Because, I do not wish to sound stupid. But they both should be fighting for her.  MONEY!  I haven't been fighting hard enough but today I will.  If I have to stand over the staff while they create her schedule today I will.  I regret ever messing with this program in the first place.  I feel like this whole mess is my fault.  And poor Emily is caught in the middle of it.  Feeling like she doesn't belong anywhere.  Well Mama Bear is stepping in now.  I am growling.  And I am swatting my paws.  Watch out. 

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Status Quote

After a leave of absence we are back by semi-popular demand!  You remember the game.  Find your funniest status updates that your friends and families posted and share them here.  To protect the guilty or innocent please omit names and cities.  :)  Then simply link up with myself or Emmy!  
Dear customer service,
I should begin by telling you that I am typing this with my middle finger...I can think of a school or two I need to middle finger type too.
2 days back at work and im already daydreaming about punching people in the face. Obviously my vacation wasnt long enough lol.  Do not get on her bad side.  Seriously. 
I have independently decided that Pluto is still a planet. Astrophysicists (except the one I know personally) be damned. Thank you Pluto for being there for us all these years.  Three cheers for Pluto!!!
Wine Tasting tip #113: if your limo driver decides to pee on the winery building we will hate him. And you know what? By association we'll have a pretty hard time liking YOU!  Yeah, that's pretty nasty.
Flip flop tan marks. Classy!  
It's a good look, no?
My son stuck some cardboard into a fan and turned it on. It's snowing cardboard around here!  Sounds like it is never boring at your house. :)
I'm doing EVERY little thing I can to avoid housework. Refresh my email 477 times: check. Look at FB 345 times: check. Watched a movie: check. Coffee: check. Alas. For whom the bell tolls or dusting calls out: check. UGH.  Note to sure and fill this friends email box!!!  I am good at that!  :D
Come on and join us!!  

Monday, August 8, 2011

Since When...?

Since did registering for school become so dang difficult?  I mean when I was a kid, I remember standing in a line getting my schedule and my PE clothes and going home.  That was it easy.  I really don't remember anything to it.  You didn't get your books until the first day of school...of course we had lockers too.  But still...books could be handed out on the first day of school now...couldn't they.

Registering for school is now an event.  You make a day of it.  Now if I had been smart--sometimes I am and it is so awesome--I would done "fast track" which would have saved me about 45 minutes of time.  Yep, 45 minutes.    Kristin's day to register was a Wednesday, and I was missing a very important piece of information.  Her shot records.  It didn't matter.  They were not current.  Which was annoying, because she was all up to date.  No exceptions.  So that meant go to the doctor and have them pull her file and make a copy of her chart and go back the next day.   Which we did.

Ten check points.  Most of which were just a place to get a paper signed and move to the next point.  It was pretty well organized and at one point she created an account for the student store and picked out things she would like to have.  All this while they gathered her books.  It got me thinking...why don't colleges let you use books instead of purchasing them???  That's not the question...tho it is a good one!!  Finally got Kristin all yay!  It was a lot of work for high school...and I have to do it again next year???  Since when did registering for school become so difficult?