Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Status Quote

After a leave of absence we are back by semi-popular demand!  You remember the game.  Find your funniest status updates that your friends and families posted and share them here.  To protect the guilty or innocent please omit names and cities.  :)  Then simply link up with myself or Emmy!  
Dear customer service,
I should begin by telling you that I am typing this with my middle finger...I can think of a school or two I need to middle finger type too.
2 days back at work and im already daydreaming about punching people in the face. Obviously my vacation wasnt long enough lol.  Do not get on her bad side.  Seriously. 
I have independently decided that Pluto is still a planet. Astrophysicists (except the one I know personally) be damned. Thank you Pluto for being there for us all these years.  Three cheers for Pluto!!!
Wine Tasting tip #113: if your limo driver decides to pee on the winery building we will hate him. And you know what? By association we'll have a pretty hard time liking YOU!  Yeah, that's pretty nasty.
Flip flop tan marks. Classy!  
It's a good look, no?
My son stuck some cardboard into a fan and turned it on. It's snowing cardboard around here!  Sounds like it is never boring at your house. :)
I'm doing EVERY little thing I can to avoid housework. Refresh my email 477 times: check. Look at FB 345 times: check. Watched a movie: check. Coffee: check. Alas. For whom the bell tolls or dusting calls out: check. UGH.  Note to self...be sure and fill this friends email box!!!  I am good at that!  :D
Come on and join us!!  


Emmy said...

I like the middle finger one, too funny. and as i was typing this I realized I was typing with my middle finger! I am not mad though- just eating gushers with my other hand

blueviolet said...

The middle finger one is the BEST!!!!

I have some flip flop marks, but not THAT bad!

Nicole said...

hey if you have the flip flop tan marks, it means you've been outside enjoying life :)

mormonhermitmom said...

I have Teva lines - flip flops hurt my feet. :)

Shell said...

Love the middle finger one! I need to try that!

Amy said...

There were some good ones for sure! Love the flip flop lines, love the middle finger typing, great!