Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ten Things Dec. 2013

I forgot! But then I remembered. So did I actually forget?? In keeping with my blogging one time a week, here is this week's blog. I am linking up with my bestie Emmy and here Ten Things to Smile About..

Emmy Mom

Before I begin, I just have to say how grateful I am that my mom and I share a regular email of what makes us smile each day otherwise I'd be lost.  I smiled a lot in Decemeber, but what to choose from....

I had some awesome homework assignments...which included but were not limited to:  writing about the acting skills of Tom Hiddleston, his character Loki, the movie Thor, and the movie Field of Dreams.  I'd call that a good class!  

There is just something terrific and hilarious about this GIF.  I use it frequently in texts and emails.  So did this make me smile in December ?  (A bonus to the ten...yes it did!)

1.  Our church Christmas program was great.  The kids did awesome.  And the face that the doll (for the baby Jesus) fall through the manger making half the room stifle laughter(the front half who could SEE what happened)was not funny...not at all.  

2.  Seeing Santa....

3.  Twice...

4.  A gift from my hair dresser to me...

5.  I love watching my favorite Christmas movies:  It's A Woonderful Life, A Christmas Carol/Scrooge (the one with Alastair Sim) and of A Christmas Story!

6.  Going to lunch with my mom and I may or may not have taken off my shoes.  

7.  I went to a meeting at one of the schools about Common Core...(no this did not make me smile at all) but talking to a friend via FB and cracking some jokes made it much easier to stomach their sales pitch.  

8.  Ryan was in his first parade.  He did a great job waving and smiling to the crowd!

9.   A friend tagged with this pic, and I couldn't resist...I bought it.  (Thanks Mom[-in-law]) I should have it any day now!  LOL

10.  Last but not least....Christmas....

What made you smile in December?