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World Premature Awareness

My bestie Emmy is blogging about something very near and dear to her heart today: premature birth.  Her baby boy was born prematurely.  But I am not going to tell you her story!  I am going to tell you mine!!!

When I was pregnant with my Little Middle...who I can no longer call that as she grown!!!...when I was pregnant with her, I remember being asked by my Relief Society President when did I want the baby shower.  And was June 28th too close to my due date.  I thought about it, and said, "No!  That is 3 weeks away!"  it should be fine.  Famous last words.

It was June 28th in the middle of the night when my water broke.  We took Kristin to the home of the family who graciously accepted the call at 3 in the morning, and headed to the hospital.  I was scared to the least.  It was too early.  But then maybe it would be okay.  I was (according the OBGYN) 37 weeks, so that she should be okay right?  I was scared even more when I learned that her cord had been wrapped around her…

Random Time....

I am here!  It's true.  I have been working on school.  It's basic stuff right now, but I tell you what...I have no time management skills whatsoever.  None.  Nadda.  Zip!!  Maybe one day I will figure that out and be able to blog regularly and do school too!!!

Do you cause your own drama, or does it find you?  I asked this on Facebook about a week ago.  I think some people make it.  I think others just have one crap storm after another.  I know someone (we all do) who creates their own, but also gets rung through it.  It is because of the company they keep.  I would tell them to sever ties and move on.  But it would fall on deaf ears...blind eyes?

I played Slender Man.  Have you heard of this game?  I think the kids are mostly playing it.  My daughter tried so hard to convince me it was scary.  Not to troll me.  She was serious.  I downloaded the game to prove a point.  And I did.  I laughed so hard.  Mostly at myself.  First of all, you have to use the W,AS,D keys and the…