Friday, August 30, 2013

August Was Hard...

It's when the months seem harder that the list is all the more important!  That is why I am happy that my Bestie--Emmymom gets me back on my blogging horse as it were at least once a month with her Ten Things to Smile About!

It truly has been a rough month...year...whatever so here goes..

1.  My girls and I had a girls only weekend!  You can read all about it here....
From our blind folded make overs

2.  I just might have started to play Plants V Zombies 2 this month.  I think I have love/hate relationship with this game!!!

3.  A special gift for Kristin for her (pre) 16th bday.  Money for her dress for her party.  We spent the whole day shopping.  It was lots of fun.  

4.  Having lunch at a restaurant with my mom, and quoting Lucille Ball from the famous "Vita-Veta-Vega-Min" scene --specifically when she says, "It's  HOT in here!" a lady at the table behind me offered her hand held fans.  

5.  I read Macbeth for part of my English that isn't totally what made me smile)though I do like Shakespeare!) No, it was this line:   Banquo to Macbeth: Thanks, sir: the like to you!   Did they have a foreshadowing to FaceBook???

6.  I let Kristin drive this month...just a couple of times and only in the church parking lot.  She did darn good.

7.  The first day of school...I have a Junior, an 8th grader and a big 3rd grader....

8.    Emily received her honor roll award from last June.  Since there is so much going on with the 8th graders at the end of the year, they do the awards for the returning students in the new school year.

9.    I am closing in on the end of my freshmen year in college.  It's amazing that nearly a year ago, I started school!!

10.  Sometimes our Sunday School teacher will say things that make me laugh...which is fine except that I laugh loudly!!!  Then I laugh more.  It's funny but not.

I guess August wasn't so bad after all!!